• Smarter Analytics

    Smarter data

    Smarter Analytics allows teachers and administrators access to deeper level Smarter score information. Using the system, teachers have the ability to determine each student’s understanding of the Smarter claims and targets and how they align to the Delaware standards.

    Smarter Analytics is accessible to Delaware educators through the state’s IMS system. Teachers can sort the assessment data provided based on their own needs. Smarter Analytics offers prepared reports but also gives teachers the ability to create their own. Users can then save and share reports for use in PLCs, school-level planning, grade-level planning and more.

    The system can be accessed 24/7 and allows reports to be exported in Excel and as PDFs. Scores for multiple other standards-based assessments are available in this system as well, providing a more-comprehensive look at student assessment scores and demonstrating the importance of an entire assessment system over any one test to help guide instruction. Additionally, Smarter Analytics also links with eSchoolPLUS and the EdInsight Dashboard for seamless communication of information across different data platforms.

  • Smarter Analytics
    Access the Smarter Analytics system for enhanced student Smarter reports.
    Connecting Smarter Assessments to Instruction
    Explores: 1) The evidence-based framework of Smarter Balanced to include: Claims, Targets, and Rationales. 2) Implications for Instruction, and 3) Resources to Connect Smarter Data to Instruction. Presents the new reports in Smarter Analytics.
    Provides an overview of Connecting Smarter Assessment to Instruction Using Smarter Analytics PPT
    • Crosswalks: ELA and Math
    Aligns to the Delaware ELA/Literacy and Math claims and assessment targets. Can be used to design classroom lessons and district assessments. In addition, serve as a guide in understanding the Smarter ELA/Literacy and Math reports.
    Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
    Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
    Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
    Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8

    Sample Smarter Balanced items Aligned to Claims and Targets

    • Self-Paced Courses in PDMS
    Math: Connecting Smarter Assessments to Instruction - Course #25014
    ELA/Literacy: Connecting Smarter Assessments to Instruction - Course #25019

    Courses focus on: 1) Understanding the Smarter Balanced Content Specifications, 2) Deep Dive into Smarter Data using PerformancePLUS (Smarter Analytics), 3) Planning Curriculum for My Students: Using Smarter Balanced Score Reports and Resources, and 4) Resources to Support Educator Knowledge and Use of Smarter Assessments.

    For more information on connecting Smarter Analytics to instruction in Delaware, contact Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development at 302-735-4180.
Last Modified on October 1, 2017