How do students or parents report bullying?

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Delaware law requires that districts and charter schools have a procedure in place for students and parents/guardians to report bullying to school officials.  The procedure is to be outlined in the district or charter bullying prevention policy.  When reporting bullying, keep in mind the following:

1. Follow the district or charter school procedure outlined in the policy.

2. Submit your report in writing and save a copy for yourself.

3. Provide details in the report including dates, times, locations, alleged offender(s), and witnesses.  If possible, include any evidence beyond just the alleged victim's side of the story.

4. Include how the alleged bullying is related to and is supported by the state definition of bullying.

5. State how you believe the alleged bullying is affecting student as it relates to the school environment.

6. State what you expect as a reasonable timeline for a response from the school.

7. Maintain a positive tone to the report.