Secondary Transition Services

To Parents:

You are important as the parent or guardian of a student with a disability, you have a leading role in your son or daughter's life movie. The time period between early adolescence and young adulthood needs your critical attention!!

In the education world, this time period is referred to as School-to-Adult Life Transition, or simply transition. Transition planning is a golden opportunity for you and your son or daughter to be the leaders in setting goals and directions for the student's future.

Beginning at least by age 14 or 8th grade, transition planning is a part of every student's IEP process. The IEP team now includes your son or daughter as a part of the transition planning team. Also, any agency representative who may provide and/or pay for transition services becomes a critical member of the planning team. The areas of employment, post-secondary education or training, community participation and independent living are all to be considered in the transition planning and IEP process.

The contacts and information that follow can help inform you more about transition planning to help your child toward a successful future. The Smart Movesmaterials at this website will provide you with a lot more information on what is available in Delaware. Check it out here, or ask your school for copies of the Smart Moves information.

Transition Staff Directory

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Resources for Students and Parents

Transition Assessment Resources

Additional resources from George Tilson

Potential supports to assist in the transition to Adult Services

"Early Start to Supported Employment"