January 22 Training Working Group meeting

Posted by Brian Ablaza on 1/22/2020

The Training Working Group of the Rubric Redesign Steering Committee is comprised of a sub-set of steering committee members whose sole focus is on preparing training and resources for the pilot implementation of the redesigned system. The committee had their first meeting on January 22 at LOCATION. During this meeting, the group reviewed several in-progress resources and provided feedback and edits. These resources include:

  • A narrative description of the rubric
  • FAQs
  • A crosswalk between the new rubric and the DPAS-II rubric
  • A list of possible examples for each indicator in the new rubric

The committee also examine the DOE’s current training strategy for the pilot, and make recommendations on frequency and types of training, as well as on content that should be included in the training for all pilot participants. The committee will reconvene in March to continue efforts to refine resources and training materials in preparation for the pilot implementation that begins this fall.