November 13 Steering Committee Meeting

Posted by Brian Ablaza on 11/13/2019

On November 13, the Rubric Redesign Steering Committee met to continue their work to revise the teacher evaluation system. At this meeting, the committee members reviewed data from the first round of testing that they completed. Twenty-six testers completed 93 testing observations, which provided a rich data set that allowed the committee to make revisions to the draft rubric and to identify process elements that they wish for the Process Working Group to consider. During this meeting the committee also engaged in continued professional learning about the content of the rubric so that, as leaders of this work, committee members deepen their familiarity with the rubric content and the research that is behind each of the indicators. The committee members also engaged in a calibration activity to practice using the rubric, and to prepare to test the rubric in additional classrooms across Delaware.