October 9 Process Working Group Meeting

Posted by Brian Ablaza on 10/9/2019

On October 9, a working group of the larger Rubric Revision Steering Committee met to begin work on revisions to the evaluation process. A redesigned rubric will require educators and observers to modify the approach they use to collecting evidence and providing coaching and support for teachers. The charge of this Working Group is to learn from the testing being conducted by the Steering Committee and to make recommendations for process updates. These recommendations will be considered by the DPAS-II Advisory committee for ultimate approval by the Secretary of Education.

Because the rubric is currently begin actively tested in schools, the Working Group engaged in process issues not related to observations themselves at our first meeting. Specifically, the group discussed how to assess issues of professionalism, and how to build structures and resources to support teacher professional growth. The Working Group examined exemplar Professional Growth Plans from other states to identify what elements any sort of plan or process that Delaware implements should include.

The working group also identified what research and best practices they wish to review regarding observation processes used elsewhere, and what information they want to know about the testing completed by the Steering Committee. The working group will review this information at their next meeting in December, which will focus on recommendations related to the observation process.