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DIAA Board of Directors' Meeting Update

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Updates from April 8, 2021 Meeting 
(Dover, DE) April 13, 2021 –  The Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) Board of Directors' met last Thursday virtually, and topics of discussion included proposed revisions for DIAA Regulation 1011, coaching out-of-season proposals, the recently updated Ninth Revision to the 27th Modification of the State of Emergency Declaration by Governor Carney, updates to the DIAA Physical Preparticipation Examination Form, and updated football tournament criteria. 
Proposed amendments to Regulation 1011 by the DIAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee were approved for publication by the Board of Directors. The amendments included eliminating section 5.0 2020-2021 Fall, Winter, and Spring Sports Seasons and Sport-Specific Requirements.  The proposed amendments will be sent to the Registrar for publication on May 1. The DIAA Board will consider action on the published amendments at its June meeting and, if the board moves forward with the amendments that were published, the State Board of Education’s approval would be required. 
Regulation 1009 amendments were approved for publication, which included coaching out-of-season proposed regulation changes and health and safety requirements for coaches. The board also decided to conduct a public hearing regarding 1009 regulation changes.  Information regarding the public hearing for public comment will be released as soon as it is available.   
Board members also discussed the Ninth Revision to the 27th Modification of the State of Emergency Declaration released on April 1st by Governor Carney; the modification included updated face covering guidance for medium and low risk sports. DIAA will meet again on Monday, April 19th to discuss this in more detail.   
New committee members were approved as recommended by Executive Director Donna Polk. The new committee additions included adding current DIAA state interpreters to the baseball, softball, and wrestling committees.  
Revisions to the DIAA Physical Preparticipation Examination Form were approved by the board. At the request of school nurses, a date of clearance was added to the form. The Spanish version of this form will be posted to the DIAA website when it becomes available.
DIAA football will look differently in 2021 than it has in the past with an updated reclassification that was approved by the DIAA Board of Directors in February 2021. An updated realignment breakdown can be found here. The new three-tier classification system consists of districts competing for three state championships. Some member schools in each tier were granted a waiver to accommodate playing a ten (10) week schedule in eleven (11) weeks. The proposed football tournament format was also approved by the Board of Directors. The 3A Division, consisting eleven (11) teams, will have an open tournament in which the five (5) top seeds receive a bye. The 2A Division, which consists of 21 teams, will have a twelve (12) team tournament in which the top four teams in each district will make the tournament. The 1A Division, which has fourteen (14) total teams, will have an eight (8) team tournament in which the top four teams in each district will make the tournament. The Football Committee will have further discussions to solidify the seeding criteria points system with the goal that the seeding criteria will reward teams for regular season winning percentages and their strength of schedule.  
Delaware Interscholastic Football Coaches Association (DIFCA) presented a proposal that updated the mandatory “Heads Up” football certification for each DIAA member school sponsoring football, which was also approved by the board. Effective May 2021, each member school sponsoring football must identify a “Player-Safety Coach” who will be responsible for completing the USA Football’s Advanced Tackling and Blocking Systems during a two-year period prior to the start of DIFCA Safety Camp. This “Player-Safety Coach” will be responsible for implementing and overseeing the primary components of Heads Up Football for their school.  
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