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DIAA Board of Directors' Vote to Resume Sports This Fall

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DIAA Board of Directors Vote to Resume Sports This Fall

Dover, DE (September 10, 2020) - The Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) board voted yesterday to amend Emergency Regulation 1010, which grants permission for interscholastic athletics to occur with fall season sports starting on September 28th.  The amended Emergency Regulation 1010 is subject to the State Board of Education’s approval, at its next regularly scheduled board meeting on September 17th.  


On September 1, 2020, Governor Carney signed the Twenty-Sixth Modification of the Declaration of a State of Emergency for the State of Delaware Due to a Public Health Threat.  This order and recommendations from the DIAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee paved the way for DIAA to issue guidance for high risk sports to be played for the 2020-2021 school year.  Member schools, as long as they adhere to the guidance of the state orders, Delaware Division of Public Health, and DIAA regulations, will decide if they will permit education-based athletics at their respective schools. 


The amended Emergency Regulation 1010 includes parameters for preseason practice dates and season length.  If approved, fall sports would have a three-week preseason, and football would have a 25-day preseason beginning on Sept. 28.  Cross country would be permitted to have up to 12 dates of competition.  Volleyball, field hockey and boys' soccer would be permitted to have up to 12 contests, and football would have a seven-game schedule.  Winter sports preseason would begin on Nov. 30 with spring sports starting on March 1.


DIAA remains committed to protecting the physical well-being of all student athletes.  All individuals, including student athletes, coaches, administrators, officials, and spectators shall wear face coverings as required by the state’s emergency order.   


In compliance with the state’s orders, it is important to note that before any member school hosts any practices, scrimmages, or competitions indoors, the member school shall provide to the DIAA office documentation of receiving approval from the Delaware Division of Public Health to host the indoor sport.  All coaches and student athletes must continue to be screened by their member school for COVID-19 symptoms prior to approved athletic activities.  Member schools should continue to follow DIAA’s Return to Play Plan Stage 2 guidelines until an amended regulation goes into effect.  


The DIAA Board of Directors, in conjunction with the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, will meet again before the proposed Sept. 28 season start date to develop guidelines for a phased in approach for football, which will be shared with the member schools.  


Any decisions moving forward will be made in compliance with the state’s orders and will continue to be made with the best interest of our student-athletes. 


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