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DIAA's Emergency Regulation 1010 Approved by State Board of Education

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DIAA's Emergency Regulation 1010 Approved by State Board of Education

Dover, DE (August 14, 2020) –  The Delaware State Board of Education voted today to approve amendments to Emergency Regulation 1010 that were proposed at the DIAA Board of Director's meeting on August 6th. With the approval of the amendments from the State Board of Education today, DIAA and its member schools will be in Stage 2 of DIAA's Return to Play plan. The major changes to Emergency Regulation 1010 include aligning the regulation with the Department of Education's guidance for reopening schools, coaching out-of-season guidelines and condensing and delaying the 2020-2021 sport seasons. 

In Stage 2 of the DIAA Return to Play plan, coaches will be permitted to provide out-of-season instruction to their players, which includes conducting open gyms, monitoring conditioning programs and informal instruction.  No formal practices, scrimmages or competitions will be allowed during Stage 2. All interscholastic athletic activities at Member Schools must adhere to Governor Carney's State of Emergency Order and Modifications, DIAA Regulations and Delaware Division of Public Health’s mitigation strategies to assist in limiting the spread of COVID-19.  
Prior to participating in any permissible interscholastic athletic activity, student athletes must clear a COVID-19 health screening process conducted by an approved screener. Athletic directors will designate screeners and will communicate with their athletic departments what their screening protocol is. 
DIAA will work with member school administrators, athletic directors, sport committees, athletic trainers and the DIAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee on clarifying permissible athletic activities for DIAA's student athletes. The exact season start and end dates will be decided upon at the September DIAA Board of Directors meeting. 
"The DIAA Board appreciates all of the feedback from the public, our member schools, and all stakeholders in working together to develop a plan to preserve all education-based, interscholastic sports seasons, when and how they will be permitted safely," said DIAA Board Chair Dr. Bradley Layfield.  
Note that football and wrestling are not included in DPH’s sport-specific guidance and are not approved to be played at this time.  DIAA will continue to work with DPH during the COVID-19 pandemic to revisit guidance and sport-specific guidelines. Football and wrestling student athletes may participate in the aforementioned Stage 2 activities, which consists of open gyms, conditioning programs and informal instruction.  
“We all have mixed feelings about the sport seasons being pushed back to December. I take this time to thank member school administrators, athletic directors, coaches, student athletes and community members for your patience and understanding during this time of decision making and as we proceed into the 2020-2021 academic year. I ask that we all come together to support the plan to ensure student athletes can first return to school and their academics and then participate in interscholastic sports.  Although sports this upcoming school year may look a little different than we are used to, DIAA remains committed to providing opportunities for our student athletes to participate in athletic activities while ensuring their health and safety. We look forward to seeing our teams compete this school year, when the time is right,” DIAA Executive Director Donna Polk said.

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