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Literacy plan coordinates state, partner supports

The Delaware Department of Education has released the Delaware Literacy Plan, a framework that outlines strategies to improve the literacy proficiency of Delaware students.

The work of the plan is focused on four strategic intents:

• Align Core Instruction to the Standards
• Implement Curriculum using High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM)
• Enhance Early Literacy Instruction
• Support Educators through Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs)

Key activities within these strategic intents are provided for teachers, school leaders and partners with family resources included in each area. Additional educator and family resources to support children’s literacy are available on the department’s website here.

“Students spend their earliest years learning to read. They need strong literacy skills to absorb information in math, science, social studies, the arts, and every other subject. Having a strong literacy foundation is crucial for Delaware children’s success in school and life,” Secretary of Education Susan Bunting said. “That is why improving third-grade literacy has been a key education initiative of Governor John Carney since before he took office. Recognizing how critical literacy skills are for our young learners, he has directed focus and resources to this work.”

The plan is the result of the work of a 37-member committee, which included representatives from early childhood, K12, higher education and nonprofit organizations. The goal is to unite stakeholders across schools and the public/private sector to better focus on and meet students’ literacy needs.

“That is why educators, families, policymakers and community and nonprofit partners must collaborate if we are going to successfully support our children’s literacy growth. The state’s students cannot afford to have our efforts be well-meaning but disjointed. I am excited this plan provides clear opportunities for us to work together in a coordinated manner,” Bunting said.

Alison May
(302) 735-4006