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2018 Education Preparation reports show programs' progress

Monday, Dec. 10, 2018 - The Delaware Department of Education today released 2018 biennial reports on the state’s teacher and specialist educator preparation programs, part of a comprehensive effort to strengthen educator preparation programs in the First State.


The reports provide information ranging from the diversity of programs’ candidate classes to student performance outcomes of graduates, to employment placement and retention within the state. The reports show progress on some fronts, most notably that the state’s institutes of higher education are making some progress in attracting a more diverse class of future educators.


In 2018, across all educator preparation programs in Delaware, 1 in 4 candidates identified as an individual of color, compared to 1 in 5 two years ago. While about 56 percent of Delaware’s student population identifies as a race other than white, only 15 percent of the educator workforce does.


“Diversifying the teaching workforce is an important priority for the state as we strive to create an educator workforce that is more reflective of our student population,” Secretary of Education Susan Bunting said. “While we still have work to do, I commend the work our colleges and universities have undertaken to more successfully attract candidates of color to and retain them in their teacher preparation programs.”


The reports also show gains for specific programs.  Delaware State University has increased its program sizes across the board, for example. And University of Delaware’s Blended Early Childhood Program increased its overall score thanks to increases in student outcomes and the observation of teacher practices in PK-2 classrooms as well as supervisor perceptions of the program graduates’ level of preparedness.


The program reports garner programs continued approval to operate based on data.  Programs are classified into the following categories based on their performance – Renewed, Renewed With Conditions, or Probation.  Some particularly small programs are noted to be a Program Under Further Review due to extremely limited data. 


The reports provide prospective students considering educator preparation programs in Delaware a resource for learning about their options while the state’s districts and charter schools have additional information on the strengths of each program.


About half of Delaware’s novice educators are prepared by Delaware preparation programs; the reports are a part of the state’s overall strategy to strengthen such programs throughout the state. 


All available performance data is used to classify all programs, whether or not they generated a program report. Overall the 2018 results show 28 programs categorized as renewed, 9 programs renewed with conditions, and two programs on probation. Additionally, 14 programs are classified as a program under further review due to insufficient data. Programs that are renewed with conditions or placed on probation will be required to submit a plan of action for improvement to the Delaware Department of Education.  Programs under further review must demonstrate the workforce need the program is meeting and additional evidence of meeting program standards.   A state summary of all programs is also included in the release.