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Troops to Teachers to help veterans, armed forces members transition to Delaware teaching careers

Friday, Nov. 9, 2018 - The Delaware Department of Education is partnering with New Jersey’s Troops to Teachers program to support the transition of veterans and members of the Armed Forces to teaching careers.

New Jersey recently received nearly $1 million in federal support over five years for its program, which will expand to Delaware.

Established in 1993, Troops to Teachers provides counseling and referral services to help participants meet education and licensing requirements and secure teaching positions. More than 20,000 veterans successfully transitioned to careers in education since the program began.

“Teaching is a way veterans can continue to serve our country. Our students can benefit from the unique skills and life experiences military service members bring to the classroom,” Secretary of Education Susan Bunting said 

New Jersey Troops to Teachers staff reach out to veterans and current service members by regularly visiting military installations, local veteran service offices, the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs and local school districts. Outreach will also take place in Delaware. 

Veterans or current service members who want more information on Troops to Teachers should visit the website at or contact the New Jersey office at (800) 680-0884 or

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