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Delaware School Success Framework results released

Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018 - Forty-five schools across the state have earned the highest rating on Delaware’s new school accountability system.

Today the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) released results of the Delaware School Success Framework (DSSF) for the first time under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The DSSF is a statewide system for measuring how schools perform in key areas. This tool is designed to help the public understand the full spectrum of school performance and to identify each school’s needs to best support students.

“In Delaware we recognize that all schools benefit from continuous improvement -- including those that earn our highest ratings – in order to best support all students,” Secretary of Education Susan Bunting said. “The DSSF provides important information to help families, educators and community members understand how their schools are performing and in which areas they are excelling or need more support. Administrators and policy makers alike can use this information to learn from our schools’ successes and to better direct resources where they are most needed.”

Of the 213 schools that received accountability ratings, 45 scored overall as Exceeds Expectations while 79 were classified as Meets Expectations. Another 49 schools are Approaching Expectations while 40 scored at Well-Below Expectations. The overall ratings are determined based on multiple measures in which the schools also receive sub-ratings, such as student proficiency and growth in key subjects, high school graduation rates and the progress of English learners.

The DSSF results have been published under each school's accountability tab of the school profile section of DDOE’s website. Next month the state will release new online school report cards at the state-, district- and school-levels, which will include the data from today’s release as well as more information in a revamped, more user-friendly format.

State to invest $6 million in school support

Also announced today are the schools identified to benefit from a $6 million investment in the coming year.

The annual funding, a combination of federal and state dollars, will assist schools that qualify for ESSA’s Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) and Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI). Schools that qualify for CSI, which are identified every three years, are those whose performance is in the lowest 5 percent in the state on the DSSF or those with a high school graduation rate of 67 percent or less. Schools that qualify for TSI, also identified every three years, are identified based on the low performance of a subgroup of students, such as students with disabilities, English learners or students from low-income families.

Schools that qualify for CSI will receive funding and additional support from the state, as identified through a needs assessment. Districts and charter schools will work with stakeholders in the development and implementation of a school-level plan for improvement. DDOE, whose staff will serve as partners throughout the process, will approve, monitor and work collaboratively in its implementation.

Schools that qualify for CSI will share $3.4 million in federal funding. The amount each building receives will be determined based on a per pupil allocation as well as a needs assessment and school plan.

Schools that qualify for TSI will also develop school-level plans for improvement, which must be approved at the local level. DDOE may also serve as a partner and resource for support, which may include funding, program assistance and more.

Schools that qualify for TSI will each be able to apply for grants of up to $100,000 out of $2.5 million in designated state funds.

“Our goal is to partner with districts, charters and schools to build systems and capacity so we have the infrastructure and people in place to lead in this work when the money is no longer there,” Bunting said.