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2017 DIAA/Harry Roberts Senior Scholar-Athlete awards announced

The DIAA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 DIAA/Harry Roberts Senior Scholar-Athlete awards.  

“The overall qualifications of this year’s applicants were extremely high. The number and quality of applicants is a living tribute to the benefits of participation in interscholastic athletics,” DIAA Board Chairperson Dr. Bradley Layfield said on behalf of the selection committee. “These student-athletes exemplify the outstanding job DIAA member schools are doing in providing a well-rounded educational experiences for Delaware’s young people.”

The awards are presented annually by DIAA based on the students’ academic, athletic and leadership accomplishments. 
2017 female winners:
First    ($2,000)         TyAnna Handy,        Laurel
Second ($1,500)      Kendall Adkins,        Charter School of Wilmington
Third   ($1,000)         Margaret Ford,          Indian River
2017 male winners:
First    ($2,000)         Chris Ludman,         St. Mark’s
Second ($1,500)      Ryan Friedman,       Sanford
Third   ($1,000)         Andrew Evan,           Sussex Central
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