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DIAA names scholar-athlete award winners


The DIAA Board of Directors has named the winners of the 2016 DIAA/Harry Roberts Senior Scholar-Athlete awards. This award is named in recognition and memory of Dr. Harry Roberts. Roberts, a former superintendent of the Caesar Rodney School District, served DIAA on several committees, most notably as chair of the DIAA Sportsmanship Committee for many years. The awards are presented annually by DIAA based on a student’s academic, athletic and leadership achievements.


“The accomplishments of this year’s applicants were outstanding. The qualifications of the female candidates were so impressive that the committee could not break the ties for the second and third place awards,” DIAA Board Chair Terre Taylor said.


These student-athletes exemplify the outstanding job DIAA member schools are doing in providing well-rounded educational experiences for Delaware’s young people.  Their accomplishments are a tribute to the benefits of education-based athletics.  


Each first-place winner will receive $2,000; each second-place winner will receive $1,500; each third-place winner will receive $1,000. In the cases of ties, each winner receives the full amount. In the history of the awards there have been 92 scholarship recipients from 33 member schools. The total amount of scholarship money awarded is in excess of $120,000.


This year’s winners are:



1st Place – Justin Mc Lellan                       Sanford

2nd Place – Robert Talamini-Kelemen       Polytech

3rd Place – Brian Marchioni                       St. Elizabeth



1st Place – Alison Sayers                         Smyrna

2nd Place- [tie] - Casey Wakai                   Mount Pleasant

2nd Place- [tie] – Carter Ayars                   Sanford

3rd Place- [tie] – Kathryn Richardson        Polytech        

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