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Wilmington Montessori honored as 2016 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon winner


A Delaware school has earned a Green Ribbon award from the U.S. Department of Education for its exemplary achievement in reducing environmental impact, improving health and wellness of students and staff and providing effective environmental and sustainability education. 


The private Wilmington Montessori School -- among 47 schools, 15 districts, and 11 postsecondary institutions nationwide to be recognized this year -- was honored by state leaders and nonprofit partners during a ceremony at the school today. Earlier this year, the school was named as Delaware’s sole Green Ribbon honoree as part of the Green Schools component of the Governor’s Children in Nature Initiative and the Delaware Pathways to Green Schools Program. The program is a collaborative effort by the Sustainable Energy Utility, the Delaware Valley Green Building Council, the Delaware Department of Education and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.


“Having a national Green Ribbon School awardee is an honor for Delaware,” Michael Watson, the department’s chief academic officer, said at today’s recognition event. “Wilmington Montessori is designed to deliver the type of deeper learning that motivates and challenges students every day. We champion this deeper learning in Delaware’s Next Generation Science Standards. Through deeper learning, students become more curious. They gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills that they can use in other classes and into their colleges and careers. By asking students to apply what they’ve studied in the classroom to the real world, we prepare Delaware students to truly think like scientists and to use knowledge to enhance their lives and their communities.”


Wilmington Montessori’s “teachers and staff are dedicated to teaching their students to be good stewards of the Earth. It is a fundamental Montessori value. They strive each day to inspire their students to care for the world around them, while teaching them to think critically about complex issues, decisions and choices related to sustainability and green practices,” the school said in its application.


Learn more about Wilmington Montessori’s work here. More information on the federal recognition award can be found here


Last year, Brandywine School District’s Mt. Pleasant Elementary, Christina School District’s Kirk Middle School and Red Clay Consolidated School District’s Linden Hill Elementary were named 2015 national Green Ribbon winners. Red Clay Consolidated School District was honored in 2014, and the private St. Andrew’s School in Middletown was the state’s first national winner in 2013.


Wilmington Montessori and 11 other schools also were honored today by the Delaware Pathways to Green Schools program with seven that will share $11,000 in grants to support their work improving the health and wellness of our environment.


This year’s Delaware Pathways to Green Schools honorees:


·         Albert Einstein Academy (private)

·         Douglass School (Christina School District)*

·         Forwood Elementary School (Brandywine School District)

·         Kirk Middle School (Christina School District)*

·         Las Asmericas ASPIRA Academy (charter school)*

·         Linden Hill Elementary School (Red Clay Consolidated School District)*

·         Mt. Pleasant Elemetnary School (Branydwine School District)

·         St. Andrew’s School (private)*

·         Talley Middle School (Brandywine School District)

·         Warner Elementary School (Red Clay Consolidated School District)*

·         West Park Place Elementary School (Christina School District)*

·         Wilmington Montessori School (private)


*Recipient of 2015-16 Delaware Pathway to Green Schools mini-grant


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