• The 1 Percent Threshold for Statewide Alternate Assessments

    All local education agencies in Delaware submit data to the Delaware Department of Education, identifying the percentage of their students at the local level participating in statewide alternate assessments. ESSA requires that no more than 1 percent of the total number of students in the state be administered alternate assessments. The goal of the 1 percent threshold federal regulations is to mitigate disproportionality concerns related to the possible over identification of students participating in statewide alternate assessments.

    Districts are not prohibited from assessing more than 1 percent of their students with these alternate assessments, but are required to submit justification on the 1 Percent Threshold form demonstrating the need to assess more than 1 percent of their students with the DeSSA-Alt assessments. DDOE will collect and publicize these forms, as well as summarize for federal reporting purposes.

    In addition, DDOE will provide support to LEAs related to the confirmation of student participation counts, investigating the justification for exceeding the threshold, and possible actions.

    Statewide summary data will be used to meet the ESSA requirements to submit a waiver request for exceeding the 1 percent threshold for statewide participation in alternate assessments, if applicable, 90 days prior to the opening of the state’s first testing window.

    Numbers of students participating in these alternate assessments is a key area of focus as we strive to ensure only those who fully meet the participation criteria for alternate assessments in Delaware participate in the DeSSA-Alt and that local IEP team decision making meets Delaware’s state level assessment needs for each student.

    Questions may be directed to the Delaware Department of Education: 302-857-3391


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Last Modified on December 19, 2019