• Comprehensive Induction Program
    Instructions For DEEDS Mentor Center

    Assignment of Mentees to Mentors
    in the DEEDS Mentor Center

    Deadline is October 31st
    (New educators hired after deadline but before January 1st can begin the program and be matched with their mentor upon date of hire)

    One important function of the DEEDS Mentor Center is to provide the sites with a method by which to request the stipend by for the Lead Mentors and Mentors. In order to track and record the work of the Mentor, he/she must be assigned to his/her Mentee(s) in the DEEDS Mentor Center. Mentors can mentor up to three Mentees in one school year.

    (If Lead Mentors are mentoring a first or second year teacher, they can be assigned to that Mentee but neither Lead Mentors nor Mentors may be assigned to a third or fourth year teacher - Mentee/Mentor assignments can only be done with first and second year Mentees.)

    Mentees can be assigned to Mentors by following the instructions below:

    • Log in to EdAccess
    • Click on the yellow "DEEDS" icon.
    • Click on "Mentoring Center"
    • Click on "Assign Mentee to Mentor "
    • You will see a list of "Unassigned Mentees"
    • Select the Mentor's school from the drop down menu
    • Select the Mentor's name from the drop down menu
    • Click on the name of the Mentee then click "Assign Mentee"
    • To check to make sure this was done correctly go back to the "Mentor Center"
    • Click on "View Report"
    • Click on "Mentee List"
    • The Mentor's name should now show up as linked to the Mentee that you assigned them to

    Important Notice: The system will not allow a Mentee whose application for their Initial License is still "pending" to be assigned to a Mentor so it is very important for Mentors, Lead Mentors and Site Coordinators to work closely with the new teachers and specialists to assist them in making sure they have completed their licensure application requirements and have submitted the necessary documentation to the DOE Certification Office.

    Reminder: Mentees who meet one of the following descriptions should be assigned a Mentor in the DEEDS Mentor Center:

    • Teacher or Specialist on an Initial or Provisional License in their first or second year of the 4 year program
    • “New to area” - Teacher who has just transitioned from a Specialist position (e.g. School Nurse to a Science Teacher): 1 year program requirement – match with a Mentor for that year
    • “New to area” - Specialist who has just transitioned from a Teaching position (e.g. Math teacher to School Counselor): 1 year program requirement – match with a Mentor for that year

    If a Mentee does not meet one of the descriptions above, he/she should not be assigned a Mentor.

    Updated 4/17/2017

Last Modified on September 13, 2021