• Apply for an Additional Certification

  • An educator will hold only one license, but can be certified in multiple content areas. For example, you may have a Continuing License and hold certifications in both Physics and Biology. These certifications qualify you to teach classes in these topical areas. There is no fee to apply for additional certifications; however, you must meet all of the certification requirements identified in the corresponding regulation. New applicants may apply for additional certifications at any time during the application review process. Instructions for applying for additional certifications are found below. This page includes the following sections:

  • DEEDS Application Process Steps

    1. Log in to your DEEDS account via the EdAccess login page.
    2. Apply for the appropriate License and Certificate(s) for the content area you want to teach.
    3. Have a credit card (not a debit card) at hand. There will be a one-time $100 application fee, which is reimbursable upon employment in a Delaware public or charter school when the educator is fully licensed and certified.
    4. Request to send all official documentation:
      • All official transcripts.
      • Test Scores (Praxis, ACTFL.) - if applicable (not required for reciprocity applications)
      • Proof of student teaching, if not on your transcript.
      • Copy of your out-of-state credential, if applicable.
      • Verification of Experience (Form E or Form E/NT), if applicable (for out-of-state reciprocity applicants)
    5. Upon receipt of all documentation, DDOE Staff will review the application and documentation.
    6. DDOE staff will update your application status within DEEDS. You can monitor the application progress by clicking the "View My Applications" button on the DEEDS Educator Dashboard. Each application is shown with progress banners to indicate where the application is within the review and approval process.
    7. If additional documentation is needed to process your application, then a red "Respond to Deficiency" button will appear on the DEEDS Educator Dashboard. You will need to respond to the deficiency from within the DEEDS application, providing whatever additional information is requested in order for the application process to continue. This is the communication between DDOE and the applicant during the application process.
    8. You may apply for employment while your License and Certificate(s) are pending. Districts and charter schools will have access to your application information via DEEDS.

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  • New Certification Application Process Steps

    1. Log in to your DEEDS account via the EdAccess login page.
    2. Apply for the certificate(s) for the content area in which you want to teach.
    3. Request all official documentation required. 
      To ensure speedy processing, please ensure that you follow the documentation guidelines for submission.  Typically, we will require:
      • All official transcripts.
      • Official Test Scores.
    4. DDOE Staff will review application and documentation.
    5. DDOE staff will update your application status.  You will receive an email indicating:
      • You met certification requirements
      • You did not meet certification requirements and what documents are still needed.

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Last Modified on July 19, 2022