Student Conduct & Discipline Resources/Training

  • Student Conduct & Discipline Training

    The following two courses are in PDMS for the 2019-2020 School Year

    Introduction to Mandatory Reporting & Discipline Regulations:  Course # 28415 (In-person and Go To virtual option available)

    This course is designed to prepare new administrators or staff with duties involving discipline reporting for their role and responsibilities under the law and regulation. Attendees will become familiar with:

    • The nature of mandatory reporting, who reports and who do they report to.
    • Reporting discipline incidents, bullying allegations and restraints using the e-School Interventions and Administration screens.
    • Overview of the Regulations concerning discipline reporting, including updated Unsafe School Choice Option Reg. and updated Restraint & Seclusion Reg.

    Important: This course is required for Administrators or Staff members who are new to the role of discipline reporting.

    School Climate & Discipline Program Refresher & Update Training: Course #28416 (In-person and Go To virtual option available)

    This course is designed for experienced school administrators who are already familiar with the discipline reporting process.  During this course we will:

    • Review changes to the law and 600 series Regulations including Unsafe School Choice Reg (Persistently Dangerous,) standardized Due Process and Processing of Attorney Generals Notifications as well as updated Restraint & Seclusion Reg.,
    • Review required District & School based Plans such as Bullying Prevention and Cyber Bullying Prevention,
    • Review changes in the law surrounding mandatory non-academic training for all staff members, and
    • Review any other changes to the law or regulation that will impact School Climate & Discipline in the coming School Year. 

    Dates for training: Wednesday, September 4th; Tuesday, September 17th; and Wednesday, September 25th.

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  • eSchool Plus Discipline Center Webinar Tutorials

    How to enter a basic discipline incident into the eSchool Plus Discipline Center (12:33)

    How to add multiple offenses (4:33)

    How to add multiple offenders/victims/witnesses (4:16)

    How to add a confidential victim (3:23)

    How to add an unknown offender (3:16)

    How to record multiple action codes (2:41)

    How to enter an alleged bullying report (7:20)

    How to choose a reason(s) for substantiated bullying (3:49)

    How to record offender/victim guardian contact (3:03)

    How to record an incident of teen dating violence/sexual assault (3:05)

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  • Contact Information:

    School Climate Office, Delaware Department of Education

    Office: 302-857-3384



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