Required Training

  • Delaware law and DDOE regulation require several trainings for school district and charter school personnel which relate to school climate & discipline programming.  Below is a listing of the required trainings which includes information on who must complete the trainings and how often they are to be completed.  For most school employees the trainings are accessed and completed through the DDOE Professional Development Management System (PDMS).  However, links to the trainings are provided below for school personnel, such as nutrition staff and custodians, who do not have an Identity Management System (IMS) account.

    A school district and charter school employee means all individuals, including teachers, school administrators, school support personnel, instructional aides, nurses, school counselors, coaches, custodial staff, and nutrition staff hired by a school district or charter school or a program established under Chapter 16 of Title 14 (discipline alternative programs), who provide services to students on a regular, ongoing basis.  This does not include contractors or subcontractors, such as bus drivers or security guards; substitute employees; and individuals hired by or subcontracted by other state agencies to work on school property. NOTE: Although these trainings are not required for certain contracted employees, it is highly recommended that any contracted employee working with children in the school environment complete these trainings.

    To help employees meet the training requirement hours and provide content variability, the DDOE along with other responsible agencies will be creating additional training modules during the 2017-18 school year for availability during the 2018-19 school year.

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Last Modified on October 16, 2018