• Comprehensive Induction Program Educators on an Initial License

    Program Overview:

    The purpose of the Comprehensive Induction Program (CIP) is to provide educators with the support necessary to become familiar with school and district policies and procedures, hone their professional skills, help them evaluate and reflect upon their own professional performance and develop an individualized growth plan to improve their effectiveness.

    The Comprehensive Induction Program for Educators strives to meet the following objectives:

    1. Empower and support LEAs to plan and implement comprehensive mentoring and induction programs that meet the specific needs of educators and are aligned with state and local initiatives.
    2. Establish a state-wide collaborative community of education practitioners that willingly and openly share resources, assistance, and ideas that increase the support provided to educators.
    3. Support LEAs in the selection and training of highly effective mentors.
    4. Assist LEAs in the development of “assessment literate” educators who can review student data and use that data to drive instruction in the classroom.
    5. Build reflective practitioners who review their present level of professional performance and use that data to set personal professional development goals.



Last Modified on September 13, 2021