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    • US DHHS Notification of Enforcement Discretion for telehealth remote communications during the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency - although this resource is specific to medical health providers, it includes the statements below that may be helpful for school districts. School counselors should confer with their district/charter whether resources are appropriate for use.
      The list below includes some vendors that represent that they provide HIPAA-compliant video communication products and that they will enter into a HIPAA BAA.
      • Skype for Business
      • Updox
      • VSee
      • Zoom for Healthcare
      • Doxy.me
      • Google G Suite Hangouts Meet

      Note: DDOE has not reviewed the Business Associate Agreements offered by these vendors, and this list does not constitute an endorsement, certification, or recommendation of specific technology, software, applications, or products. There may be other technology vendors that offer HIPAA-compliant video communication products that will enter into a HIPAA BAA with a covered entity. Further, DDOE does not endorse any of the applications that allow for video chats listed above.

    • High School Check-In Google Form - A PDF sample of a high school’s Google Form for requesting distance counseling.
    • Middle School Student Check-In via Google Form - A PDF sample of a middle school’s Google Form for checking in with students.
    • Request to Chat! Google Form - Screenshots of an elementary school counselor’s Google Form for students to request a chat with the counselor.
    • HIPPA vs. FERPA - What’s the difference and who does each apply to? This document helps provide some differentiation.
    • Zoom and FERPA Compliance - This provides information on FERPA compliance with Zoom.
    • FAQS: Virtual Counseling Ethics - ASCA has compiled topics of use regarding virtual counseling ethics, such as: initial steps & considerations; confidentiality; virtual counseling platforms; personal electronic devices; insurance coverage; and student or school community deaths or suicide reporting protocol
    • What’s the best HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software? -provides some guidance and compares several options.
    • ASCA Liability Insurance – (For Members) March 19, 2020: Due to COVID-19, many of you may be doing tele-counseling. The coverage provided with the ASCA membership includes coverage for tele-counseling as long it's part of your school activities. The limit is $1 million per occurrence/aggregate and pays after the school coverage has paid.

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    For additional support on school counseling - Jennifer Davis

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