• Remote Learning Resources

    World Language

    • College Board AP World Languages: An overview is available for teachers explaining how they can use the free, daily online practice in AP Classroom to check student understanding of each topic and skill in the AP course and ensure that students are well prepared for exam day. Beginning in early April, free online video lessons developed by AP teachers will be available for the AP topics and skills typically taught in the final weeks of each AP course.
    • This is Language. This is an online subscription platform that many schools in Delaware use. It provides tiered authentic language videos and aligned activities. For schools not currently using the platform, This Is Language is offering an extended free trial access due to worldwide school closures related to COVID-19.
    • Language Practice Choice Board - Multilingual: Language Practice Choice Board: The activities included in this choice board were created to be intentionally generic and non-language specific so that the ideas might be practical for students of multiple languages.
      • They are ready to use resources without the need of teacher preparation or paid subscriptions.
      • Choice boards allow students to select activities that interest them and those that they have the resources to complete.
      • The tasks in the choice board are designed to appeal to Generation Z, who seek to research, learn how to do new things, and interact with and influence others. They are creators and makers.
      • You can download the document in Microsoft Word and edit it to customize the activities for your students.
    • Open Culture Language Lessons - Multilingual: Open Culture has a curated list of online resources (digital textbooks, iTunes, YouTube channels, websites, etc.) for 48 languages, including more and less commonly taught languages.
    • AATF Curated Resources for French: The American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) has curated curricular and thematic resources for French learning, including a YouTube channel, a Pinterest page, and resources from a French teaching resources wiki.
    • AATSP Classroom Resources for Spanish: The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) page provides the URLs for more than 400 websites that are useful for teachers of world languages. The AATSP provides a review of each of the websites listed, which include sites with online newspapers, magazines, radio programs, podcasts, ebooks, songs, films, stories, cartoons, and virtual museum visits.
    • Newsela (Spanish): Nonfiction reading about current events and more. Offering free subscription for the remainder of 2019-2020 school year. Many articles are available in Spanish and you can alter the reading level up/down for students’ proficiency level.
Last Modified on April 3, 2020