• Delaware Multi-Tiered System of Support (DE-MTSS)

    MTSS graphic Delaware’s Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a framework designed to meet the needs of the whole child at all levels of support (universal, targeted, intensive and enrichment). Using MTSS, students receive high-quality, research-based instruction and intervention based on their academic and also non-academic (behavioral, social and emotional, etc.) needs. Each student’s needs are identified and informed through screening, diagnostic tools and progress monitoring measures.

    The following five essential components are necessary in a successful MTSS framework:

    • A tiered system of support – MTSS provides students with layers of support depending on their individual needs. Support may include additional instruction, interventions, scaffolding and differentiation, depending on the needs and strengths of each student.
    • Data-based decision making – MTSS uses data to make informed decisions about the academic and non-academic support each student needs.
    • Team-based leadership – MTSS teams are made up of educators, district and charter personnel, and family and community members, who share in the decision-making process for all students.
    • Comprehensive Assessment System – MTSS embraces a number of different kinds of assessments to help educators make informed decisions about each child’s strengths and needs.
    • Evaluation and selection of academic and non-academic resources, support and intervention – MTSS establishes a process that makes certain all students receive resources and support that are effective and align with district programs and initiatives.

    Family Resources

    Educator Resources

    • MTSS Implementation Guide - Outlines the processes and resources necessary to establish and implement DE-MTSS successfully.
    • Quick reference guide – Provides guidance on implementing MTSS as a framework to support the needs of all students. Can be used as a companion to the MTSS Implementation Guide.
    • Additional educator resources by component - Lists resources for classroom educators and school leadership for each of the five components of successful MTSS.
Last Modified on August 26, 2020