• Transition to Kindergarten

  • Ready for Kindergarten!

  • Going to Kindergarten is a big step for you and your child. In Delaware, students must be five years old by August 31 of the current school year to attend kindergarten. 

  • Prepare for Kindergarten

    Kindergarten readiness -

    www.delawarereadinessteam.com for more information about kindergarten registration and school choice.

    Get Ready for Kindergarten school list (English)

    Prepárate para la lista de kindergarten (Español)

    Delaware content standards 

    Delaware Early Learner Survey (DE-ELS): Provides information for Delaware families and kindergarten teachers on the DE-ELS. All kindergarten students participate in this survey. This observational tool asks teachers observe and record children’s knowledge and skills that lead to success in kindergarten and through life.


    Register for Kindergarten

    Prepare to register for kindergarten in the winter before your child’s kindergarten start date. Kindergarten registration deadlines vary per school, so please check with your local school district for specific timelines.

    Follow these steps to register your child for kindergarten:

    • Step 1: Locate your school

    Use the school feeder search to locate the school that serves your address. Even if you decide to participate in the School Choice process, you need to register with your local elementary school first.

    • Step 2: Gather required documentation

    You will need several documents before you can enroll your child in kindergarten. Check out the following for a list of general kindergarten registration requirements:

    Get Ready for Kingergarten checklist (English)

    Prepárate para el Jardín de Infancia (Español)  

    • Step 3: Find your school's kindergarten registration requirements 

    Every district and charter school has specific requirements for kindergarten registration. Find these requirements here.


Last Modified on May 8, 2019