• Continuous Improvement in Delaware

    students working Delaware districts and charter schools operate under the belief that all schools must continue to focus on improving their support for all students – including those that exceed expectations – to best support all students. Delaware dedicates $6 million annually to school improvement. Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), schools may qualify for additional support based on specific measures (below).

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    What is ESSA?

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is a federal law that outlines how states can identify and support students in public schools. In August 2017, the U.S. Department of Education approved Delaware’s plan for implementing ESSA-required assessments, accountability and support for districts and charter schools so they can continuously improve outcomes for all students. 

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    How are Delaware schools measured?

    students working Delaware's education and community stakeholders designed the Delaware School Success Framework (DSSF) to measure how schools perform in key areas. This statewide system is designed to help the public understand the full spectrum of school performance. The DSSF also identifies each school’s needs and helps determine how to best support students in schools across the state. 

    The DSSF measures the following in each grade:


    These measures are mapped to an overall rating for each school:

    • Exceeds Expectations - The school/district is exceeding the state's expectation for overall student performance.
    • Meets Expectations - The school/district meets the state's expectation for overall student performance.
    • Approaching Expectations - The school/district is moving toward the state's expectation for overall student performance.
    • Well-Below Expectations - The school/district needs support to move toward the state's expectation for overall student performance.

    Ratings will be posted publicly on Delaware School Profiles beginning November 2018 and on the Delaware Report Card (LINK) beginning December 2018. 

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    Which schools receive support?

    In Delaware, all public district and charter schools receive continuous improvement support from the state in the form of resources, professional development, grant access and more. Some Title I and non-Title I schools with low student performance based on state measures may be identified as qualifying for comprehensive support and improvement (CSI) or targeted support and improvement (TSI). These schools receive additional program and funding support as outlined below.


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    For more information on continuous improvement in Delaware, email continuous.improvement@doe.k12.de.us or call 302-735-4035.