Basic Needs School Closet Program

  • In August 2017, Governor Carney announced an initiative to stock basic needs school closets in 45 high-needs Delaware schools.  Initial partnerships have been established to support the closets.  The purpose of the Basic Needs Closets is to provide elementary and middle school students across the state with increased access to free products designed to meet students' needs so they can effectively participate in class and to have a greater chance of success.  Today the Basic Needs School Closet initiative is being lead from the Office of Lieutenant Governor.

    Office of Lieutenant Governor Basic Needs Closets

    Basic Needs School Closet List of Schools

    Basic Needs School Closet FAQs

  • Contact Information:

    Jane C. Boyd MSN, RN, NCSN
    Education Specialist
    School Support Services
    Student Support Team
    35 Commerce Way, Suite 1
    Dover, DE 19904
    Phone: 302-857-3356
    Fax: 302-739-1769
Last Modified on January 14, 2019