• Educator Evaluation

    The Delaware Performance Appraisal System, or DPAS-II, is Delaware’s statewide educator evaluation system.  It provides performance expectations for students, educators, and leaders across the state’s schools.  DPAS-II provides educators with feedback that is designed to:

    • Foster professional growth by providing educators with actionable feedback and opportunities to improve and refine their teaching and support their students’ growth;
    • Ensure that there are quality educators in every school building and classroom; and
    • Continue to help students grow and succeed through targeted interventions and individualized educator professional development opportunities.

    The state’s educator evaluation system was developed with significant input and feedback from teachers, specialists, administrators and other subject matter experts.  The Department of Education continues to convene educators regularly to collect feedback, monitors implementation in schools and districts quarterly, and has conducted an annual evaluation of the DPAS-II process for the past seven years.

    In Delaware, we believe that educators want to know how they are performing in their classrooms and want be engaged in ongoing discussions about what is working for their students and what is not. Evaluations conducted by credentialed evaluators provide Delaware educators with this feedback, continuously improving and working towards a school system in which all educators are getting the support they need to succeed and that they deserve as professionals.

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    Angela Socorso, M.Ed.
    Education Associate, Educator Growth and Development

Last Modified on June 20, 2023