• State Board Meeting Highlights March 15, 2018

    The State Board of Education held its Regular Monthly Board Meeting on Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. 

    All materials and presentations from the meeting can be accessed on the online meeting platform posted within each month’s agenda as posted on our website (www.destateboarded.k12.de.us ).  

    • Here is a direct link to the agenda complete with links and attached documents related to presentations and other items before the Board:  SBE Monthly Meeting Agenda

    The audio recording from the meeting is now posted on the State Board website.  An index of the recording with live links by section is copied below.


    • Board members discussed events and meetings in which they had been involved throughout the month during their monthly reports. Nina Lou Bunting and Wali Rushdan discussed their attendance at the NASBE Legislative Conference at the beginning of the month and commended the organization on an outstanding program.  The Executive Director presented her report which included an overview of sessions from the NASBE Legislative Conference, links to videos from the recent TEDx Education event in Wilmington, and the latest publication by NASBE which focuses on Early Learning.
    • Johnson updated the Board on the work related to the Literacy Campaign including two items coming before the Board for action that were directly aligned with their policy briefs connected to the campaign focus areas. The Board received an overview of the NASBE Early Childhood Education Network grant opportunity from the Ms. Johnson. She outlined the goals and outcomes that would be included within a proposal from the Board and indicated how it would work in collaboration with existing work related to Early Learning including the Campaign for Grade Level Reading, the Kellogg grant, the CCSSO Early Learning Network and the existing work under way by the Office of Early Learning. The Board voted to direct the Executive Director to draft the proposal as outlined, provide a copy to the Board, and for the SBE President and Vice President to sign approval for the final draft by March 30th.  This was approved unanimously by voice vote.
    • Secretary Bunting provided a comprehensive report to the Board which included details about the first meeting of the newly created Teacher Advisory Council, which includes 2 representatives from each district and six charter school educators. She also discussed a recent two day seminar including 70 DOE staff, the State Teacher of the Year, Superintendent Blakey, and DASA’s Executive Director on deinstitutionalizing racism called Courageous Conversations: Beyond Diversity. Additionally she highlighted her recent engagement with Leadership Delaware, attendance at the CCSSO Legislative Conference in Washington D.C., speaking to students from 13 student councils at the 2018 Students’ Voice Conference, finalizing mid-year conferences with district superintendents, continuing school visits, and participating in Read Across America day events in two districts.  
    • The Board recognized several school leaders who had received recognition at differing administrative levels as school administrators of the year.  They included the following:
      • Victoria Gehrt - Delaware’s 2017-2018 Superintendent of the Year (NCCVT)
      • Stanley Spoor - Delaware’s 2017-2018 Secondary Principal of the Year (NCCVT)
      • Becky Neubert - Delaware’s 2017-2018 National Distinguished Principal (Seaford)
      • Erin Cassel - Delaware’s 2017-2018 Outstanding Elementary Assistant Principal of the Year (Christina)
      • Greg Panchisin - Delaware Charter Schools Network School Assistant School Leadership IMPACT TOO Award - Las ASPIRA Academy
      • Courtney Fox - Delaware Charter Schools Network School Leadership IMPACT Award - First State Montessori Academy (her recognition ceremony will occur in April due to a schedule conflict)
    • The Board took action on the proposed amendments to the State Perkins Plan for 2018-19.  Upon receiving the recommendation from the CTE subcommittee and reviewing the revised plan, the Board unanimously approved the plan to be submitted in connection with the State Plan for the Workforce Opportunity and Investment Act (WIOA) to further connect and align opportunities through CTE and Workforce development and readiness efforts Department Regulations.
    • The Department presented this year’s graduation and dropout rate information and report overview to the Board.  The report and presentation are each available on the website and through these embedded links.
    • There were no Department Regulations before the Board this month
    • The Board took action on the Formal Review of Delaware Academy of Public Safety & Security. After considering the application, CSAC’s recommendation, and the record in this matter, the Secretary decided to accept the recommendation of the Accountability Committee with the following revisions to the conditions:
    1. By May 1, 2018, the School must enroll at least 200 students for the 2018-19 school year with all information and documentation, including first year agreements when applicable, to be properly accounted in the Unit Count system.
    2. On or before June 29, 2018, the Charter School office must receive a signed contract demonstrating that an instructional leader will be in place by July 1, 2018
    3. On or before March 29, 2018, the Department must receive an application and the required supporting documentation for approval to use Colonial’s educator evaluation system.
    4. On or before June 29, 2018, the Charter School Office must receive a plan for how Colonial and Aspira will provide support for staffing any positions not filled for the 2018-19 school year.
    5. On or before June 29, 2018, the School must provide the Charter School Office with a strategic plan outlining the following items for SY18/19:
    6. Milestones, benchmarks, and progress monitoring for:
    7. Academic Programming;
    8. Professional development of staff;

    iii. Educator Evaluation;

    1. Board membership expansion relating to the overall number of members, as well as qualification and experience of members, and;
    2. Transition/Succession planning for board and school leaders including terms or length of commitments when available and applicable.
    3. An updated organizational chart
    4. A transition plan, including timeline detailing essential criteria and decision points to be met relating the transfer of the charter and oversight of DAPSS to a new authorizer.

                    Should the school not meet all of these conditions, the charter will be revoked on June 29, 2018.  


    Should DAPSS meet all of the above noted conditions, the school will also meet the following:

    1. All DAPSS board members shall receive training on Governance and Public Integrity Commission no later than June 30, 2018. The Board shall submit evidence of training this training to the Charter School Office by July 15, 2018.
    2. The DAPSS Board President/Chair, the school leader, a representative from Colonial School District, and other members as requested and required by either the Charter School Office or DAPSS shall meet monthly with representatives of the Charter School Office for progress reports on conditions and other governance issues that may arise. These meetings shall continue until the Charter School Office deems that they are no longer necessary.
    3. On or before August 20, 2018, provide documentation to establish that certified and licensed staff are hired for all core content areas.
    4. A final condition for DAPSS, effective June 30, 2019, is that the school will relinquish its charter to DOE. Therefore, as of June 30, 2019, in accordance with the School’s plans as expressed during the CSAC meetings, the school either will have ceased to exist or secured a non-DOE authorizer.

                    The Board voted to assent to this decision of the Board by a vote of 5 yes and 1 abstention.

    • The monthly Charter School update was posted for information and updated the Board on the current reviews and application evaluations underway by the Charter School Accountability Committee.
    • The Professional Standards Board  presented Regulation 1521 Elementary Teacher for discussion. PSB Executive Director Chris Kenton brought Lisa Hedrick from ETS to provide additional details regarding proposed changes to the content readiness assessment proposed for this certification.  It was noted that this has been a process underway for several years and directly connected to the SBE Literacy Campaign as an effort to better align the educational program requirements for the teaching of reading and numeracy to the requirements for certification. Additionally Regulation 1504 Certificate of Eligibility, Regulation 1510 Issuance of Initial License, 1511 Issuance and Renewal of Continuing License, and 1565 World Language Teacher were all approved for publication and will be before the Board next month for discussion.  These regulations will be out for public comment during the month of April.

    The next regular monthly meeting of the State Board is scheduled for

    Thursday, April 19, 2018

    The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.

Last Modified on April 6, 2018