• Delaware Assessment Inventory

    Senate Joint Resolution 2

    As a result of Governor Jack Markell's initiative to reduce student testing, Senate Joint Resolution 2 (SJR#2) was signed on July 16, 2015. [full legislation]

    The SJR#2 required the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) to:
    1. Create a formal assessment review process to include an in-depth inventory of all assessments currently being administered at the state and district level. (This inventory does not cover classroom-specific assessments created by teachers for formative purposes.)
    2. Convene a committee of stakeholders to put forth recommendations regarding the appropriate amount and use of assessment in Delaware schools.
    Assessment Overview

    studentAssessments are an integral part of understanding how and what students are learning in the classroom. Traditionally, the term “assessment” in education refers to any type of analysis of student performance – from an in-class quiz or test to a standardized test like the SAT. For the purposes of SJR#2, “assessment” refers to any student evaluation that is currently required by the state or a district. SJR#2 does not refer to assessments that individual educators administer for their students alone or for assessments in extracurricular activities such as a spelling bee or Odyssey of the Mind. Assessments are a necessary part of any instructional cycle. When effective, they provide information on whether a student is excelling or needs extra support. This information is meaningful not only to students and educators, but also to parents, policy makers, and community members who desire a complete and honest understanding of student learning in Delaware classrooms.

    The assessment inventory process supports a balance of state and district assessments that:

    • Lessens the amount of testing time for students and educators,
    • Maximizes teaching time,
    • Provides accountability, and
    • Delivers accurate information that addresses instructional needs of Delaware’s students and drives student growth.


    Stakeholder Committee

    The stakeholder committee convened by the Delaware Department of Education has been meeting monthly to understand the issues surrounding student testing and will use state, district and school inventory results to generate recommendations in the months ahead. [more]

    Final Report

    As required by Senate Joint Resolution 2 as amended, the Department of Education submitted the Final Report of the SJR 2 Assessment Inventory Committee to the Governor’s Office, the State Board of Education, and the Senate and House Education Committees on June 23, 2016. Please click here to download the Final Report and Appendices.

Last Modified on March 1, 2018