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  • Research data conveys that the presence of a highly skilled teacher is the strongest in-school predictor of a student’s academic success, with high quality school leaders being the second most important factor.

    To ensure excellence in teaching and learning, Delaware must ensure that all of the educators working in our schools are well prepared to take on the critical job of ensuring their students’ academic success.

    As the approver of all educator preparation programs operating in Delaware, the state has the authority to oversee and set the standards for educator preparation, foster innovation, and hold programs accountable.

    Strong educator preparation is a strategy that Delaware has been investing in for several years. Delaware is committed to the preparation of teachers in well-designed and competitive programs and to supporting those educators in their early years in the classroom. Senate Bill 51 is one of the vehicles through which Delaware is working to improve teacher and leader preparation.

    To date, most of the state’s educator preparation work has focused on the following policy levers articulated in Senate Bill 51 and other policy platforms:

    • Expanding options for training and creating a competitive marketplace for high-quality training programs (traditional and alternative)
    • Raising standards for becoming an educator (entry and graduation)
    • Setting standards for what and how aspiring educators learn (content, residency, etc.)
    • Increasing accountability in approval and renewal, including outcomes data
    • Targeting funding in each of these areas to seed innovation and high-quality programs


    Request for Application for New Alternative Route to Certification Programs

    In accordance with 14 DE Admin. Code Regulation 290, the Secretary of Education is requesting applications for new alternative route to certification programs. The application process is competitive and the Secretary may elect to approve some, all, or none of the programs. If programs are approved, they will earn initial approval for a period of three years, renewable thereafter upon analysis of the ARTC program during the final year of the initial approval.

    Applications shall be responsive to the Request for Application and, in addition to any other requirements, shall address how the applicant will determine the coursework and experiences leading to its participants' application for certification to the Department, shall include intensive pre-service training, teacher evaluations conducted by school administrators, completion of coursework, and measures of teacher effectiveness based upon student performance data. Applications are due by March 30, 2018.

    Educator Preparation Partnership Grants

    The Delaware Department of Education is proud to announce a Request for Application (RFA) focused on strengthening partnerships between schools and districts and educator preparation providers. The Educator Preparation Partnership Grant will focus on addressing three statewide priorities –

    • Clinically Oriented Teacher Preparation
    • Program Design to Meet Workforce Needs
    • Recruitment Strategies and Partnerships

    Listed below are the forms required for the RFA.

    2017 Educator Preparation Partnership Grant Application

    Educator Preparation Partnership Grant Budget Form

    Please contact Shannon Holston at with any questions.

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