DPAS-II For Teachers

  • Introduction to DPAS-II for Teachers

    DPAS II is Delaware’s statewide educator evaluation system. As a statewide system, DPAS II establishes consistent educator and student performance expectations and outcomes across all schools. This page displays information and links related to the DPAS II for Teachers evaluation system.

    The three main purposes of DPAS II are to assure and support:

    • Educators’ professional growth
    • Continuous improvement of student outcomes
    • Quality educators in every school building and classroom
  • The Student Improvement Component (Component V)

    2015-16 For Information Only Measure A Reports

    The Department of Education has determined that for some educators, subsets of approved excluded students still appear on 2015-16 For Information Only Measure A Reports.  To rectify this moving forward for the 2016-17 school year, the Department will conduct additional internal quality controls. As has been past practice for years in which Measure A counts toward educator evaluation ratings, a Challenge Process will be in place to allow educators to report potential RVS discrepancies. 

    UPDATED August 15, 2016: DPAS II Student Improvement Component Policy Statement 2016-2017

    Goal Setting Resources for the Student Improvement Component

    Alternate Measure B Submission Process  (2016-17):  This webpage contains information and resources for districts and charter schools interested in submitting assessments to be considered for use in the Student Improvement Component.

    Measure B - Approved External Measures, Updated May 2016 (2016-17):  This document contains a list of the external assessments (those created by outside agencies) currently approved for educators' use as Measure B assessments within the Student Improvement Component.

    Measure B - Internal Measures (2016-17):  This document contains a list of the internal assessments (curated by the DDOE) currently available for educators' use as Measure B assessments within the Student Improvement Component.

    Measure C - Growth Goals (2016-17): This document contains a list of the educator-types for which packets of Measure C Growth Goals exist.  These packets contain measurable standards and goal statements for educators' use within the Student Improvement Component.

  • Educator of Record - Roster Verification System (RVS)

    Each year, Delaware's Group 1 educators have the opportunity to complete an automated roster verification system (RVS) to assist in the determination of one measure of their Component V rating ("Measure A").  While school leaders conduct some form of roster verification with all educators as part of Component V, only Group 1 educators (and administrators) utilize that state's web-based system. For more information (including key dates, technical assistance manuals, and contact information) visit the RVS page .

  • Annual DPAS-II Evaluation Reports

    Each year, an independent organization performs an evaluation of Delaware's teacher appraisal process (DPAS-II). The evaluation includes a survey of teachers and evaluators and interviews with a sampling of educators. Data from the evaluation and proposed changes to DPAS-II are presented to the State Board of Education for review on an annual basis.
  • SY 2016-17 Student Growth Projections FAQ

    Measure A general growth target tables are available within PerformancePLUS.  The tables outline student growth projections for use with Measure A goals as part of the DPAS II process during the 2016-17 academic year by grade-level and subject area.

  • Instructions for creating Measure A Projected Growth Target reports

    Instructions for creating Measure A Growth Target reports

    By creating this report, teachers are able to view their current class of students’ previous spring scale scores for either ELA or Math SBAC assessment as well as students’ projected growth target scale score for the current school year’s spring SBAC assessment. This report helps inform a teacher of an individual student’s needed growth on each assessment.

  • Delaware Student Growth Model (Measure A rating) Module

    This module helps provide information about how the 2016-17 projection model was developed, how the student targets were set, and how the teacher ratings are calculated.

    This is the corresponding PowerPoint and presenter's notes as seen in the video.

  • Questions related to teacher evaluation? Contact Melissa Oates, Melissa.Oates@doe.k12.de.us, (Education Associate, Educator Effectiveness) of the DDOE Teacher & Leader Effectiveness Branch.