School Leadership PD & Training

  • DPAS II for Administrators Boot Camp-PDMS Course # 26155

    This workshop is mandatory for administrators (and "credentialed observers") who wish to become credentialed for use of DPAS II for Principals, Assistant Principals, and District Leaders.  The training will cover topics such as DPAS II policy and processes, use of framework, and providing feedback.  Administrators must attend and successfully complete Boot Camp prior to beginning the observation process.

    Training Dates:

    • Session #1-August 11th

    • Session #2-August 18th

    • Session #3-October 3rd

    • Session #4-December 8th

    • Session #5-February 22nd

    Educator Effectiveness-In-Person Workshop Series-Course No. 25970

    This series is designed to provide participants an opportunity to take a "deep dive" into several high impact" indicators of effective teacher performance. During each session, participants will develop an understanding of what the indicator looks like when used effectively and learn key strategies to help develop and/or refine the indicator. This series is recommended for school-based teams to gain a common understanding and support building level professional development. Individual participants are welcome to attend as well:


    • Thursday, September 21, 2017: Creating a supportive Learning Environment
    • Thursday, October 26, 2017: Designing Instructional Outcomes
    • Thursday, January 18, 2018: Engaging Students in Meaningful and Challenging Instruction
    • Thursday, March 1, 2018: Questioning and Discussion Techniques
    • Thursday, April 26, 2018: Using Assessment in Instruction

    DPAS II Evaluator of Administrator Summative Conference Training - May 18, 2017, 9 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

    GW Carver Center, 30207 Frankford School Road, Frankford; Session 43314

    Join TheSchoolHouse302 "Building Teacher Leaders" Session - May 24, 2017, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

    Course No. 25954; Session 45089

    The Collette Center, 35 Commerce Way, Dover, DE

    TheSchoolHouse302 will provide an end-of-year professional development opportunity on building teacher leadership. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on your team's performance, management of initiatives, and even their individual successes as leaders. Whether you have an established leadership team that needs strengthening or the need to build a team to manage departments, school goals, or change in general, this session is for you. Come to reflect and to learn new strategies on effective leadership development for your teacher leaders.

    Assistant Principals complete AP Academy

    Congratulations to Kimberly Corbidge and Amanda Archambault, Cape Henlopen, and Paul Iaboni, Brandywine School District for completing all three sessions of the 2017-18 AP Academy. Over 40 Assistant Principals attended this year's AP Academy in October, January, and May to learn about the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, the DPAS-II AP Rubric, and 10 Skills for Successful School Leaders (NASSP). Positive administrator feedback included comments such as "I have thought more deeply and gained a better understanding of my role as a school leader," and "Collaboration and networking to see what others have gone through and what works." Next year, the AP Academy will be re-branded as the School Leader Academy to also recognize school leaders that are new to the state.

    RELAY National Principal's Academy Fellowship Competitive Subgrant Awards

    We are pleased to announce that 4 state subgrants have been awarded to Seaford School District and Colonial School District for the 2017-18 Relay National Principal's Academy Fellowship program. Recipients of the awards are Gary Zoll, Seaford Middle School Assistant Principal, Susan Harrison, Supervisor of Instruction, Seaford, Jeff Gibeault, Principal at Southern Elementary School, Colonial and Kishayla Payne-Miller, Student Advisor at New Castle Elementary School, Colonial. RELAY/NPAF is a one-year intensive School Leadership training that focuses on developing school leader skills in understanding and aligning assessments to the Common Core, building a culture for student success, and learning a feedback model for transforming and targeting teacher instruction. In the past four years, over 40 Delaware administrators have participated in the RELAY leadership training.

    School Leader Evaluation- Visit this page for District Administrator, Principal, and Assistant Principal Evaluation Resources

    For additional information, please contact:

    Kelley Brake
    Education Associate, School Leadership Evaluation & Professional Learning

    (302) 735-4130