DIAA Board of Directors

  • Board of Directors Officers:

    Chairperson: Dr. Bradley Layfield

    Vice-Chairperson: Matthew Donovan


    DIAA Staff:

    Donna Polk, Executive Director 

    Stephanie Mark, Coordinator of Interscholastic Athletics

    Tanya Reed, Administrative Assistant



Board of Directors
  • Name Title School/District County Affiliation Term Expires Email
    Matthew Donovan Principal Middletown High School New Castle County Public School 2019 Matt.Donovan@doe.k12.de.us
    Ted Laws School Board Member Colonial School District New Castle County Public School 2022 Ted.Laws@doe.k12.de.us
    Jeremy Jeanne Athletic Director Delaware Military Academy New Castle County Public School 2019 Jeremy.Jeanne@doe.k12.de.us
    Dr. Evelyn Edney Principal Early College High School Kent County Public School 2020 Evelyn.Edney@doe.k12.de.us
    Dr. Amelia Hodges Superintendent Polytech School District Kent County Public School 2024  
    Vetra Evans-Gunter School Board Member Smyrna School District Kent County Public School 2019 Vetra.Evans-Gunter@doe.k12.de.us
    Dr. Bradley Layfield Principal Sussex Central High School Sussex County Public School 2019 Bradley.Layfield@doe.k12.de.us
    Robert Cilento Athletic Director Cape Henlopen High School Sussex County Public School 2019 Robert.Cilento@doe.k12.de.us
    Michael Breeding School Board Member Woodbridge School District Sussex County Public School 2022 Mike.Breeding@doe.k12.de.us
    Stan Waterman Asst. Principal Sanford School   Non-Public School 2019 Stan.Waterman@doe.k12.de.us
    Michael Hart Athletic Director Salesianum School   Non-Public School 2020 Mike.Hart@doe.k12.de.us
    Douglas Thompson     New Castle County Public Member 2020 Douglas.Thompson@doe.k12.de.us
    Robert Watson     New Castle County Public Member 2019 Robert.Watson@doe.k12.de.us
    Bruce Harris     Kent County Public Member 2020 Bruce.Harris@doe.k12.de.us
    Dr. Kathleen Andrus     Sussex County Public Member 2021 Kathleen.Andrus@doe.k12.de.us
    Chuck Little     Sussex County Public Member 2022 Chuck.Little@doe.k12.de.us
    Dr. Bradley Bley, D.O.       Medical Member Indefinite Bradley.Bley@doe.k12.de.us
    Mike Rodriquez Associate Secretary, (Non-Voting Member)     Department of Education Indefinite  
    Vacant       Public Member    
    Dorrell Green Superintendent Red Clay Schools New Castle   2024  
Last Modified on April 5, 2021