Online College Enrollment Verification

  • The Delaware Higher Education Office (DHEO) requires that colleges verify scholarship eligibility for all students awarded scholarships prior to processing payments. The online verification system allows colleges/universities to view a roster of awarded students who have indicated they are attending their institution for the academic year.

    DHEO is excited to announce the opening of the new Delaware Higher Education Financial Aid Portal.  

    Through this account, you will be able to:

    • View and verify eligibility and enrollment for students attending your institution who have been awarded a scholarship
    • View previous rosters of verified students for your institution
    • View and download payment reports for your institution


    To verify student eligibility for State of Delaware scholarships, log on to the Delaware Higher Education Financial Aid Portal.  Your account details from the original scholarship verification system have been transferred to the new Financial Aid portal for your convenience.

    Please review the College User Instructions for completing an unverified student roster: College User Instructions on Verifying Student Rosters

    If you do not have a user account or need to make changes to an existing account, please download the  New College User Form

    If you are having trouble logging on with your college username and password please reach out to 

    For the 2022-2023 academic year please choose 2022 to access either fall 2022 or spring 2023 rosters. Both unverified and verified rosters are visible by academic year, term and award type.

    On an unverified roster, please update the following information by student:

    Please choose the eligibility Status

    Not a DE Resident


    Not meeting satisfactory academic progress




    Not enrolled


    Other not eligible status


    None of these statuses apply to this student,

    continue to enrollment verification


    Please choose the student enrollment status

    Full time


    Half Time


    Three quarter time


    Less than half time


    A college user can view any student whose enrollment was previously verified by clicking on the Verified Roster to determine a student’s award eligibility and payment processing status



Last Modified on September 27, 2022