• Identity Management System Frequently Asked Questions

    IMS FAQ's

    How do I get access to IMS?

    Creating a new IMS account is easy. Just go to the IMS Sign On page and click on the link ‘Request Account’. This will take you to the Request New Account page. On this page you will have to enter a Primary Email address (this is the address where your account information and temporary password are sent), along with other important information used to establish the validity of your account request. It is also used to enable the resetting of your password, in case you forget your password. It is important to be accurate when requesting a new account. You will not be approved if your District/School Information Security Officer cannot identify you as a valid staff member or contractor.

    What should I do if I forget my password, call my ISO or call DOE?

    IMS includes the ability for self-service password resets by the user. If you have forgotten your password click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link directly under the 'Sign On' button on the IMS Sign On page.  It is best if you fill out the ‘Sign On ID’ box first with your appropriate sign on ID, then click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link. You will be challenged to enter the following information after clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ link:

    • The email address you used when your account was created;
    • Your birthday as entered into IMS;
    • The last four digits of your SSN;
    • And the challenge question you answered when you originally setup your IMS account

    If you don’t remember any of the information you used to establish your IMS account, then you must contact your district/school Information Security Officer to help you. You can determine who that is by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ link under the ‘Sign On’ button on the IMS Sign On page. All you have to do is enter your email address and you will be given a filtered list of appropriate ISOs for your District or School.

    If your district has a technology helpdesk system, please utilize your district's internal process in lieu of calling or emailing district ISO.

    How long after creating a new account do I have to wait until I can use it?

    You can use your newly created IMS account right after you create it. You will have limited access however. Most employed K-12 users will see two applications in their approved list when logging on for the first time, they are DEEDS and PDMS. Even though you see these, you will only have access to your DEEDS home page if you previously established a DEEDS account. If you do not have a DEEDS account, you will have to register for one. For PDMS you will have to wait overnight in order to access your account. To access any applications, you will need to submit an application request via the Request Application' link at the top of the Identity Management web page, then select ‘Request Application’ from the three choices there. After submitting a request, you must wait until that request is approved by your Information Security Officer before you will be able to access that application. Once you have been approved, you will receive an email notifying you that you have been approved for access to that application.

    How soon after creating a new account or resetting my password can I access IMS?

    Password replication in IMS is instantaneous. A reset password, new account, or changing your temporary password is effective immediately. Access to any application that passes through IMS and uses the web service for authentication is also effective immediately. Since eSchoolPLUS does not use the web service for authentication but instead uses Active Directory, it takes 15 minutes for the change to become effective. Additionally, it requires that you close your browser (all instances) and reopen it in order to log on successfully in eSchoolPLUS.

    I created my account, now I want to add access to eSchoolPLUS, what do I do?

    eSchoolPLUS is an Active Directory authenticated application that involves two steps. The first step requires either you to request access to eSchoolPLUS via the 'Request Application' link from the dropdown at the top of the IMS page that comes up after you log on, or your District/School Information Security Officer automatically adds eSchoolPLUS as one of the applications you are approved to access.  The second step involves your district/school Pupil Accounting Coordinator to add your access into the eSchoolPLUS program. Because eSchoolPLUS is an Active Directory authenticated application, it takes up to 15 minutes after both steps are completed for you to access eSchoolPLUS through IMS. Additionally, it may require that you close your browser and re-open your browser in order to successfully access eSchoolPLUS the first time.

    I forgot my password and reset it, now I get Authentication failure when accessing eSchoolPLUS, what should I do?

    eSchoolPLUS is an Active Directory application that depends on synchronizing password changes between IMS and Active Directory. The synchronization takes as long as 15 minutes and requires that you close all open browsers. In order to access eSchoolPLUS successfully, close all open browsers, wait 15 minutes, open a browser and log into IMS. Then you should be able to access eSchoolPLUS successfully.

    How long does it take to access PDMS and Blackboard after creating my account?

    The Professional Development Management System and Blackboard are not hosted at the Department of Education. They are hosted remotely and their access lists are updated overnight. That means that after creating your account in IMS, you cannot access PDMS until the next day. Blackboard access is contingent on a PDMS account. After your PDMS account is successfully created in the PDMS system another overnight process establishes your account in Blackboard. Therefore after creating your account in IMS you cannot access PDMS until the next day and Blackboard until the day after that.

    How do I access DPAS II – Evaluation Reporting System (ERS)

    ERS is added to your application access list by the Administrator in your district/school. You do not have to request ERS application access. When an ERS assignment is made a record is written to a new assignment table. The authorized Administrator is responsible for viewing the contents of this table and authorizing access to ERS for their users.

    What applications don’t require that I wait for password synchronization before I can access them?

    • Unit Count Plus
    • Charter School Finance
    • Federal Funds Reports
    • DelSIS 2.0
    • Diploma Ordering
    • Science Kits
    • ESPES
    • CSCRP
    • Cohort Management
    • ELL
    • Accommodations
    • AYP
    • Correlates
    • DCAS
    • DEEDS
    • School Profiles
    • DWPR-K12
    • Educational Directory

    What applications require special password synchronizations and how long do they take?

    Name of App Password Synchronization Time Special Notes
    eSchoolPLUS When new accounts are created or passwords for current accounts are changed, the passwords are synchronized within 15 minutes. You must close all browser instances and log back into eSchoolPLUS after changing your password or after you have be approved for application access by your ISO and Pupil Accounting Coordinator.
    PDMS New accounts are synchronized overnight. This means that after creation of your account, you will not be able to access PDMS until the next day. Next day access.
    Blackboard New accounts are synchronized after your PDMS account has been established. That means that you will not be able to access Blackboard until the day after you can access PDMS. (Possibly a 2-day turn around for access.) Access the day after creation of your PDMS account through IMS.
    Fitnessgram Fitnessgram requires synchronization between IMS, eSchoolPLUS, PHRST and Fitnessgram. The Fitnessgram access list is updated overnight. That means that after creating an account in IMS, you cannot access Fitnessgram until the next day.
    In addition to requesting Fitnessgram access in IMS, the Employee ID must be in the Financials Employee Number field on the Staff District Information screen in eSchoolPLUS so that the system can determine that the teacher is employed as a Health/Phys Ed Teacher in PHRST (State Payroll). If the teacher is not employed as a Health/Phys Ed teacher in State Payroll but is teaching a health or physical education class that requires them to enter data into Fitnessgram, then PE must be selected in the Group Code field on the Staff Building screen in eSchoolPLUS. Once the data is correct in eSchoolPLUS and IMS, access to Fitnessgram will be available the next day.
    Access the day after you have been given approval for access to the application by your ISO.

    How do I log out of IMS?

    IMS sessions are based on the use of “cookies”. These cookies are made available to your open browser(s)/window(s) while you are active in IMS. To close out of IMS, just close your browser, it is as simple as that. If you have more than one browser open at a time however, your cookie will still be active and you will be able to access IMS and IMS based applications without logging back on. In order to successfully log out of IMS you must CLOSE ALL BROWSER instances.

    How do I get access to more than one district’s eSchoolPLUS?

    Some staff have access to more than one district’s eSchoolPLUS application. When this happens, only the DOE ISO can approve multi-district access. However, since the DOE ISO may not know specific users nor know what access is appropriate for those users, you must contact your own District or School ISO. They in turn will contact the DOE ISO who will approve multi-district access based on approval of both Districts’ ISOs.

    How do I navigate between the different eSchoolPLUS databases?

    To go to a different district’s eSchoolPLUS, click on the set environment bullet at the bottom of the left hand menu in eSchoolPLUS.  Then under the “Please select a database” click on the drop down arrow for a list of eSchoolPLUS databases to navigate to.  If you use eSchoolPLUS to go to IEPPlus or Cognos Reporting, be sure to log out of those applications before you move on to a different district.

    What if my IMS login to eSchoolPLUS is still set to a district I recently left?

    IMS is linked to the state’s payroll system. When users move from one district to another, IMS is informed via a data exchange with PHRST. Sometimes there is a lag between leaving one District and starting in another District, when this happens DOE’s ISO can change eSchoolPLUS access to the correct district until the automated data exchange has occurred. To make this happen, please contact your new District ISO and make this request. Your new District Pupil Accounting Coordinator will also have to establish an account for you in eSchoolPLUS before you can access the application.

    Will I have to change my password again?

    IMS was designed to allow us to adhere to recommended security standards. This means that we utilize “Strong Passwords” and the strong passwords are set to expire every 90 days.

    Rules for setting your “Strong Password”:

    • Be at least 8 characters long
    • Contain at least 1 upper case alpha character
    • Contain at least 1 lower case alpha character
    • Contain at least 1 numeric character
    • Contain at least 1 special character (ex: ! @ # $ % ^ & *)
    • Not contain your user IMS ID
    • Not be equal to your last 4 passwords
    • Not be similar to your old password
Last Modified on September 24, 2018