PerformancePLUS can be used for delivering common assessments which lead to rich, dynamic data for instructional use at the classroom and district level. PerformancePLUS is linked with eSchoolPLUS and The EdInsight Dashboard for seamless communication.

"Performance Plus has allowed us to be purposeful in broadening our data collection, strategic in our analysis, and action-oriented in impacting instruction with the goal of increasing student learning." -- from Capital School District

PerformancePLUS is a FREE resource that gives educators the opportunity to effectively track student performance with near real-time student data. Educators can store their own local assessments or access thousands of standards-linked items via a built-in standards based library. Assessments may be given online, on paper or bubble sheets.

PerformancePLUS arms educators with information to make data-driven decisions that enhance instruction and increase both individual student achievement as well as overall district achievement.

PerformancePLUS is linked with eSchoolPLUS and EdInsight Dashboard for seamless communication of information across platforms.

PerformancePLUS also has a rich Content Library that is linked to Common Core State Standards. With AssessmentBUILDER, educators can create tests using their own content or by choosing from thousands of standards-based questions. Educators have the option to include selected response and open-ended questions.

AssessmentBUILDER integrates seamlessly with PerformanceTRACKER Together, these applications provide for unrivaled reporting and analysis capabilities and the ability to aggregate and disaggregate data with ease

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