• As Delaware continues to try to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Delaware Department of Education is modifying how it provides support to its customers.

    Those seeking help from department staff are encouraged to call or email for assistance. If an in-person meeting is needed, the department will schedule an appointment. This is an effort to limit the number of people coming and going from offices, reduce gatherings of people and support social distancing.


    To contact the Higher Education Office:

    • (302) 735-4120 or DHEO@doe.k12.de.us


    As part of the Delaware Department of Education, the Delaware Higher Education Office works to ensure that postsecondary education is accessible and affordable for Delaware residents by providing information and financial assistance to students and their families.


    We administer 12 state-sponsored financial aid programs, which include grants, scholarships and professional incentive programs

    Academic Common Market

    And as a member of the Southern Regional Education Board, Delaware is able to provide additional tuition savings for its residents through the Academic Common Market.

    Student Account Access

    Access or create your Student Account to apply for scholarships or to monitor your award status.

    College User Enrollment Verification

    Log on to your account to verify student’s enrollment, if you are a college/university administrator.


    Delaware Department of Education SARA page

    Student Concerns

    Issues not resolved at the institutional level may be directed to the Delaware Depatment of Education Higher Education Office. Students can access the Student Complaint Policy and Student Complaint Form online under Student Concerns 

    Information on Applying for Degree Granting Authority

    Applying for Degree Granting Authority  

    Degree Granting Authority

    Related Websites and Useful Links

    Requests for Apostilles from Students of Foreign Institutions

    Request for Letter Confirming Institution Authorization to Confer Educational Degrees

    Delaware Universities and Colleges

    Delaware Institutes of Higher Education

    A List of Delaware Department of Education Approved Institutions (Universities/Colleges)

    DOE Approved Institutions (Universities/Colleges)




  • Office Location

    Delaware Higher Education Office
    The Townsend Building
    401 Federal St., Ste. 2
    Dover, DE 19901

    Contact Info for scholarships, financial aid and general inquiries

    Phone: 302-735-4120
    Toll Free: 1-800-292-7935
    Fax: 302-739-5894

    Contact info for higher education authorization and SARA related questions:

    Email: ihe@doe.k12.de.us


Last Modified on March 16, 2020