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    Robert Grey
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  • Loan Repayment Program

    The Educator Student Loan Payment Program is intended to encourage individuals to enter and continue in the teaching profession in high-needs schools and/or difficult to staff content areas. Under this program, individuals who teach in high-needs schools or content areas designated as difficult to staff may be eligible for loan repayment. House Bill 346 outlines the details of the program. More information will be forthcoming.

    Contact the Higher Education Office for more information at 302-735-4120. Additional resources include High Needs Schools and Difficult to Staff Content Areas.

    Join Delaware Schools

    The Delaware Department of Education provides assistance to Delaware districts and charter schools by managing the Join Delaware Schools website.

    The Join Delaware Schools website contains information for those interested in learning about the first state and applying to jobs in Delaware schools. Through the site individuals can:

    • Learn more about each of Delaware’s different districts and charter schools
    • Explore what Delaware has to offer: environment, opportunity, professional learning, and compensation
    • Understand how to obtain a Delaware teaching license and certificate
    • Browse and search for open positions in Delaware’s districts and charter schools
    • Complete one application for working in Delaware schools and apply to jobs throughout the state
    • Sign up to receive notification when new jobs are posted.

    Delaware Teacher Recruitment and Selection Toolkit

    The Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center has developed a resource for Delaware district/school administrators and other staff involved in the selection and hiring of teachers. It offers practical guidance to district/school leaders for a comprehensive approach to the selection of teachers. The contents of the Toolkit are based on the latest literature and effective practices. The Toolkit includes examples, templates, resources, and references. More information, including links to download the toolkit and templates, can be found on the Toolkit webpage.

Last Modified on July 20, 2018