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  • Supporting Delaware’s newest educators is essential to ensuring all of Delaware’s students receive a quality education and are college and/or career ready. By providing comprehensive support to our newest educators, the Delaware Department of Education, school districts, and charter schools can work together towards increasing educator retention rates; improving professional practices of both new and veteran educators, and most importantly, having positive effects on student achievement.

    The purpose of the Comprehensive Induction Program is to provide new educators with the support necessary to become familiar with school and district policies, hone their professional skills, help them evaluate and reflect on their own professional performance and develop an individualized growth plan to improve their effectiveness.

    Delaware provides a four (4) year mentoring and induction program for educators new to the profession, including teachers, school nurses, school counselors, and school psychologists. Additionally, educators who are new to the State of Delaware are required to participate in one-year of mentoring and induction activities. The Comprehensive Induction Program is divided into four years focusing on providing a comprehensive suite of ongoing professional learning activities and supports carried out over time that meet state, district and/or school goals.

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Last Modified on January 10, 2019