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    Delaware Department of Education
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    World language proficiency and cultural competency are crucial 21st century skills that define college, career and world-ready graduates.  In Delaware, world language capacity is crucial for the state to maintain and strengthen its domestic economy.  Governor Jack Markell has spoken publically about the importance of young Delawareans learning a world language, saying that Delaware graduates who enter the job market without the ability to speak a world language other than English are at a significant disadvantage.  The Delaware Department of Education is committed to providing an aggressive K-12 world language education plan that prepares Delaware students with the language skills they need to compete in an ever-changing global economy at home and around the world.

  • Gregory Fulkerson, Ph.D.
    Language Acquisition Workgroup
    World Languages and International Education

    Lynn Fulton-Archer
    Education Specialist
    World Language Immersion  
    Ana Richter
    Field Agent
    Spanish Immersion
    Li Li Lin
    Field Agent
    Chinese Immersion
    Shervon Bolden
    Administrative Secretary
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Last Modified on January 9, 2017