• David Robinson honored by DIAA Board

    David Robinson was presented the DIAA Lifetime Achievement Award at the June 14th meeting of the DIAA Board of Directors. 

    Robinson was being honored for his many contributions to interscholastic athletics in the state of Delaware during his long and distinguished career. He was a member of the Delaware Secondary Schools Athletic Association [DSSAA] Board of the Directors from 1989 to 1996, and served as chairperson of the board from 1991 to 1993. DSSAA was the interscholastic athletic governing body until 2002 when it was replaced by the DIAA. He was an active member of the State Football Tournament Committee from 1992 until 2017. The Football Committee made him an honorary member in 2017.

    Robinson’s career as an educator was spent primarily in the Caesar Rodney School District where he retired as superintendent. He was also interim superintendent of the Cape Henlopen School District.

    Robinson was a stellar football player for both Lewes High School and West Chester State College. He was the starting left defensive tackle for the victorious Gold squad in the 1961 Blue-Gold All Star Game. He was also a successful football coach at Lewes and Caesar Rodney high schools.


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