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    Delaware's annual College Success Report uses statewide, school-level, and district-level data to highlight Delaware student remediation rates as well as the connection between high school rigor and college success. In March 2017, Delaware released its 2017 College Success Report based on data from 2012 through 2015.


    • Forty-one percent (41%) of Delaware high school graduates entering a Delaware college will start several steps behind their peers
    • In Delaware – as is the case across the country – many students are graduating high school unprepared for the level of rigor necessary in a college course

    4 Key Recommendations to Eliminate Remediation:

    • Recommendation #1: All students should graduate high school ready for college-level math courses.
    • Recommendation #2: All students should graduate high school ready for college-level English courses.
    • Recommendation #3: Provide targeted interventions prior to 11th grade for students not meeting college-ready benchmarks.
    • Recommendation #4: Design an accessible and equitable K-12 system that ensures all students can succeed in college-level courses upon graduation.

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    This information is intended to help Delaware educators and policymakers answer: What stands in the way of students entering college ready for credit-bearing courses?

    High Costs of Remediation

    Remedial classes require students to develop math, reading comprehension or writing skills before they can take college courses for credit. These courses offer no credits towards degree completion and, because of the additional courses required, increase the overall cost of their college education. Students who require remediation start college behind their peers and face more challenges graduating compared with students who do not require remediation.

    Complete College America has found that fewer than 20 percent of students taking remedial courses complete a degree. And more than 50 percent of students enrolling in a community college require remediation. Reducing remediation is a critical step to increasing college graduation rates and reducing the cost of attendance.


    College enrollment and remediation data provided by Delaware's higher education institutions is used to inform the report, as is data from the College Board's State Integrated Summary, which includes student performance on the PSAT8/9/10, NMSQT, SAT as well as grade-level enrollment and participation.

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