Scholarship Incentive Program (ScIP)

  • Scholarship Incentive Program (ScIP) for 2019-2020

    The application process for ScIP requires three steps

    1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 15, 2019.
    2. Log on to your Delaware Higher Education Office (DHEO) Student Account, or for first time users you can create a DHEO Student Account online at Student Account Access and provide your anticipated college enrollment information for 2019-2020 by July 1, 2019.
    3. Provide your academic records to the Delaware Higher Education Office by 4:30 PM July 1, 2019 to Please see below for steps on how to submit your academic records.

      If you are a current high school student attending a Delaware public or charter school the Delaware Higher Education Office will import your academic records from Delaware Department of Education files.

      If you are a high school student who is home schooled or attending a private school in Delaware, please forward an unofficial copy of your final transcript showing an un-weighted cumulative GPA to the Delaware Higher Education Office by July 1, 2019.

      If you are a current college/university student, please forward a copy of your unofficial transcript to DHEO after spring 2019 grades have posted. You can email a copy of your unofficial transcript to by July 1, 2019.

      If you are not currently enrolled in college or high school please send your most recent academic records to the Delaware Higher Education office by July 1, 2019.

      NOTE: All communications regarding deadlines for additional information are sent to the email address you provide in your student account. Check your email frequently. To avoid delivery problems, you should add our originating e-mail address ( to your address book or safe list.

    • You can complete your 2019-2020 FAFSA online beginning October 1, 2018, and you can apply for an FSA ID at any time. Your FSA ID can be used each year to electronically apply for federal student aid and to access your Federal Student Aid records online.

    • ScIP grants are nonrenewable. Your FAFSA must be received by the federal processor by April 15 each year and you must provide an unofficial transcript to the DHEO and input enrollment information into your DHEO Student Account by July 1, 2019 to be reviewed for ScIP eligibility.

    Eligibility requirements


    • Graduate degree programs at the public colleges in Delaware (the University of Delaware or Delaware State University) are not eligible .
    • Minors, non-degree, diploma, certificate, or continuing education programs are not eligible .
    • Independent study, individualized majors, co-operative programs and other arranged or negotiated programs of study are not eligible.
    • A student cannot receive the Scholarship Incentive Program for more than 5 years for either undergraduate or graduate study


    • Not to exceed tuition, mandatory fees, and other direct educational expenses, excluding winter and summer sessions.
    • Students must demonstrate financial need, as determined by FAFSA, and be in an eligible program of study to receive an award.
    • Awards will be made after August 1, 2019. Check your email frequently.
    • Graduate awards: $1,000/year
    • Undergraduate awards: $1,000/year
Last Modified on November 15, 2018