• Mentoring Guidance for Library Media Specialists

    This link is provided to assist your district/charter school in the assigning of mentoring for Library Media Specialists.

    Generally, a Library Media Specialist is a teacher with experience transferring into a different category of work. Under the current regulations, such a move is considered a lateral move, for example, moving from a teacher to an administrator position. Such a move requires a one year mentoring period. However, it is possible for a Library Media Specialist to be new to the profession and on an initial license.

    The following information should be used to provide guidance when assigning mentoring requirements for this group:

    Initial License - Mentoring of a new Library Media Specialist on an initial license shall consist of Four Cycles and be parallel to the Teacher Mentoring and Induction process. The first year, the new Library Media Specialist shall be assigned a trained mentor, preferably in the library media area. Please follow the links to each cycle requirement: Cycle One / Cycle Two / Cycle Three / Cycle Four

    Continuing License - Mentoring for the one-year period required for the new Library Media Specialist on a continuing license will be the outlined hours designated under the following link (coming soon) During this time, the site may or may not assign a trained mentor in this area to support the new Library Media Specialist through observations and conversations.

    To provide a more in-depth definition of the elements of performance for the Library Media Specialist, evidence of their practice, and questions that can be used to promote discussion between the Library Media Specialist and their mentor or administrator, please follow this link (link to Component text and guiding questions coming soon)

Last Modified on September 27, 2018