Steps for Cycle Four – New Teachers

The Fourth and final cycle of the mentoring and induction program focuses on your being able to assess your development in content knowledge and pedagogical skills. You will first analyze your current development and then select an area for growth for the remainder of the year. As this is a professional development requirement, sites may have designed the experiences for you to develop skills and knowledge aligned to the site needs. These may include book studies, lesson study, action research, and other topics. Some sites may not have a formal structure or focus and you will be asked to submit your plan to the Lead Mentor for review. You will not be required to select things, such as course work, that would require you to pay for the experience. You are required to submit 30 hours of documented work in the area selected.

Cycle Four Resource Links:  Delaware Student Content & Common Core Standards  (Hover over Standards and Instruction for a list of specific content)  /   Delaware Professional Teaching Standards   /  DPAS-II Guide and Rubrics for Teachers

Step One: Review Cycle of Growth and Development and Words of Wisdom Regarding Your Plan before you start your analysis.

Step Two: Follow the instructions on the Analysis of Content Knowledge document to complete the Content Expertise Inventory Chart for Content Knowledge.

Step Three: Follow the instructions on the Analysis of Pedagogy Development document to complete theContent Expertise Inventory Chart for Pedagogy Development.

Step Four: Formulate your plan for the required 30 hours and complete the Checklist for My Plan form. Submit a copy of the plan to your designated Lead Mentor for review.

Step Five: Implement your plan for the 30 hours as required.

Step Six: Complete your tentative plan for professional development for the next five years on the Professional Development for 90 Clock Hours form and submit a copy to your designated Lead Mentor.

Verification/Cycle Four Sign-Out

Once you have completed the above requirements for this cycle, please complete the Cycle Four Verification of Services Form for New Teachers.

Documentation of Cycle Four Completion

You will be issued a certificate of Completion for Cycle Four which must be kept for a period of three years.

Please place a copy of the following items in your portfolio:

  • Analysis of Content Knowledge documentation & Content Expertise Inventory Chart
  • Analysis for Pedagogy Development documentation & Content Expertise Inventory Chart
  • Checklist for My Plan form
  • Professional Development for 90 Clock Hours form
  • Cycle Four Verification of Services Form for New Teachers
  • Certificate of Completion for Cycle Four

Click on link for access to the following: Initial Phase  / Cycle One  /  Cycle Two  /  Cycle Three  /  Cycle Four

Important Information
*** If you move to another district/charter school during the period of time when you hold an initial license, you are required to present the specified documents related to each of the four cycles. Failure to provide the documentation for each cycle may result in your not securing a teaching position or being required to repeat some or all of the cycle.

Please verify with your Mentor that you are moving through the correct path of evaluation. You are to receive a summative evaluation at the end of each year during your three years on the initial license. A lesson analysis is not a summative evaluation.  In the event that your administrator does not provide you with a summative evaluation at the end of each year you should notify your site coordinator immediately.   

After the first year of teaching the new teacher’s portfolio should contain copies of his/her summative DPAS II evaluations. Teachers moving from the initial license to a continuing license must have proof of two successful summative evaluations. Failure to have this part of the program completed may result in a required extension of the initial license or the inability to secure a continuing license.

Applying to be an administrator- To be eligible to become an administrator in Delaware one must have a minimum of three years of teaching experience. This means that you would have to have been successful in the mentoring program which is a requirement during your three initial years.