Steps for Cycle Three

Cycle Three of the mentoring program is aligned with Components 1, 3 and 5 and 3 of DPAS II.  The purpose of the cycle is to develop “assessment literate” teachers who understand the value of formative and summative assessment data and know how to use that data to drive educational decisions within their classrooms.

This cycle is conducted in learning teams consisting of no more than eight teachers. Each site constructs the teams. Once constructed, the members of the team set their meeting dates, locations, and times. During the meetings, the team members review the essence of assessment for and of learning and discuss how the two play out in their classrooms. Teachers are required to implement several strategies and indicate the effectiveness of those strategies of student growth. The teams are required to document 30 hours of work for this cycle. Typically, this includes 18 hours devoted to learning team experiences and 12 hours of review time. At least 15 hours of meeting time is required. Teachers must attend 90% of the meetings.

Documentation of Applied Learning - List of requirements for Cycle Three

Materials Used in Cycle Three:

Meeting Schedule Form

Chapter Response Form - Teachers are not required to “read" each chapter of the text, but they are expected to complete the one page Chapter Response Form prior to attending each meeting. 

Facilitating a Learning Team Meeting Form - Verification that teacher has facilitated at least one Team Meeting as required

Team Meeting Sign–in Sheet - should be completed for each meeting and submitted to designated Lead Mentor

"Classroom Assessment for Student Learning" - Sites are provided with these textbooks to be used by the teams for this Cycle. Each team member is expected to conduct at least one meeting during the course of study.  A CD containing helpful information, forms and resources is located in the back of each text. This guide outlines what may be used to set up the meeting and offers suggestions for conducting the session.  

Procedural Steps
Before the Learning Team Meetings begin, the Site Coordinator will identify the members of the teams and set up and conduct the initial meeting to model the process. He/she will post meeting dates for all teams on designated site. If a team member finds it necessary to miss one meeting, they will have the opportunity to attend the session with another team. The Lead Mentors may attend meetings throughout the time period, but are not expected to lead the discussions. They should be available to answer questions related to Assessment for Learning materials and to assist with the planning of a meeting.    

1. First Learning Team Meeting- Teachers should come prepared as directed by the Site Coordinator. For example, a Site Coordinator may indicate that the teachers need to review Chapter One and complete the designated sheet prior to coming to the initial meeting.

2. Teams will meet and determine how they will proceed with future sessions. Teams will identify a location and discuss what chapter(s) they will review before the next session. In addition, the members of the team will select the chapter that he/she will facilitate.

3. Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4,10, and 12 are required for this cycle. If there are more than six (6) members on the team, more chapters may be chosen for the extra team members to facilitate once the required chapters have been reviewed. 

4. Teams must establish a communication plan to inform members of the team and the Site Coordinator of their meeting times, locations, and dates. Team members may not alter the structure of the teams without the written permission of the Site Coordinator.

5. Once the above steps are completed, the teams may operate on their own schedules until the requirements are met.

Reflection on the Process

Each member of the team is responsible for completing the four reflection questions on the Reflection on Learning Form. This may be done whenever the teacher feels he/she is ready to construct the response.  A copy of the document should be submitted to the Lead Mentor overseeing the team.    

Verification/Cycle Three Sign-Out

Once the team has completed and documented the 30 hours of work (at least 15 of which must be learning team experiences) they will notify the designated Lead Mentor and submit all documents as required by their district/charter school which may include a Cycle Three Verification of Services form for New Teachers.  New teachers should keep copies of all work submitted for at least two (2) years after they have completed all four (4) cycles of the mentoring program.   

Documentation of Cycle Three Completion

You will be issued a Certificate of Completion for Cycle Three which must be kept for a period of three (3) years.

Please place the following items in your portfolio as documentation for Cycle Three:

  • Chapter forms for the chapters that your team reviewed
  • Documents from the meeting that you facilitated
  • Reflection on the Process form
  • Other information as designated by your site
  • Certificate for Completion for Cycle Three

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