• Multiple Measures

    What is Multiple Measures?

    Multiple Measures is a plan to create a path to certification for candidates who miss the required Praxis exam by a small margin, but who have completed all other requirements (bachelor’s degree, student teaching, coursework). It was taken up by the 151st legislature as HB441, and was signed into law on August 4, 2022, by Governor Carney. While the law will sunset in one year, it will be replaced by PSB regulation 1519 Multiple Measures for Demonstrating Content Knowledge, which has identical provisions.

    Why is it important?

    Many otherwise qualified individuals are denied certification because they fail an exam by a few points. Those same candidates often pass on a subsequent attempt, but some abandon their dream of teaching due to the added time and expense.

    Who can apply?

    Anyone who has completed an educator preparation or an alternative routes program and has taken an applicable exam but has not been licensed or certified, should check below to see if they are eligible. Old exam scores may still be acceptable, even if taken years ago.

    Are you Eligible for Multiple Measures? 

    In order to be eligible you must:

    1. Be eligible for or hold a Delaware educator’s license.
    2. Have taken the applicable Praxis for that certificate and gotten a score that is within the Multiple Measures margin. See list of tests and acceptable scores.
    3. Be applying for an eligible certificate. See list of Certificates.
    4. Be either,
      1. enrolled in or have completed a Bachelor's level Educator Preparation Program that includes a major content area and have a GPA of at least 3.0, OR
      2. have at least 24 College semester credits in content related to the Praxis with a GPA of at least 3.0. For those on Emergency Certification, the Praxis and the credits must be in the same area as your Emergency Certificate.
  • If your GPA (in your EPP program or in the 24 content credits) is...

  • 3.5 or higher

    You are eligible without further measures.


    Less than 3.0

    You are not eligible  


  • Between 3.0 and 3.49

    You will need to show completion of one other measure. There are six choices that are divided into three categories. You only need to complete one of the six. The choices are:

    • An approved Micro-credential (completed in the same content as the Praxis)  
      • Option 1: National Education Association’s Core Proposition #2: Knowing Your Content and How to Teach It to Students
      • Option 2: National Education Association’s Core Proposition #3: Managing and Monitoring Student Learning
      • Option 3: National Education Association’s Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback
    • An approved Performance Assessment (completed in same content as the Praxis)
      • Option 4: PPAT (38) by ETS
      • Option 5: EdTPA (Passing scores vary according to the number of rubrics) by Pearson
        • 13-Rubric (33)
        • 15-Rubric (38)
        • 18 – Rubric (46) 
    • Option 6: Completion of a year-long residency with a grade of an A or an S.

  • How to Apply

    Apply for Certification in DEEDS. Your application will be flagged for a deficiency. To resolve the deficiency, download the Verification Form and submit it in one of the following ways: 

    • In-state Educator Prep or ARTC Program enrollees or graduates
      • Contact your institution’s Authorization Officer regarding their process for verification, and the documents they will need. The University will sign and submit the form directly to the Department of Education. Forms without an authorized signature will be returned.
    • Out-of-state or no EPP or ARTC, AND employed in a Delaware school on an Emergency Certificate  
      • Contact your HR department regarding their process for verification, and the documents they will need. Your employer will submit the form directly to the Department of Education. Forms without an authorized signature will be returned.
    • If neither of these categories fit, AND you are not employed by a Delaware school
      • You may fill out the form yourself without a verification signature and email it to the DEEDS mailbox along with proof that you meet the requirements above. The Licensure and Certification Office will contact you if additional information is needed. Remember that you must have already completed student teaching or an approved alternative to be eligible. 

    *Needed documentation may include official ETS or Pearson score reports, official transcripts, issuance of a micro-credential, or proof of completion of a year-long residency. The authorizer may also want to see micro-credential or performance assessment submissions. 

Last Modified on July 5, 2023