• Early Literacy

    The State Board of Education has recognized early literacy as a priority for its work through its strategic plan. In support of this priority, in 2021, the State Board of Education commissioned a project with the research firm West Ed to analyze Delaware’s licensure and certification structure related to early literacy. The report was released in August 2021 and is titled Alignment for Early Literacy: Review of Delaware’s PreKindergarten to Grade 3 Licensure and Certification Landscape.

    As part of this work, West Ed generated summary reports addressing each of the research questions established in the study:

    Brief 1: What is the evidence base for the current practices preparing teachers and support staff for teaching literacy?
    Brief 2: How do Delaware’s current pathways for preparation and the current regulatory structure related to licensure and certification align to best practices for supporting literacy for young children in pre-K–Grade 3?
    Brief 3: How does Delaware compare to states and countries that have seen increases in student achievement and growth in reading and literacy over time in their regulatory structures, certification process, and preparation pathways for supporting literacy?
    Brief 4: What are our recommendations based on this analysis?

    The report was presented to the State Board of Education at its August 19, 2021 meeting. A recording of this meeting is available for view. The slide presentation is also  available.

    In an effort to continue the conversation around the findings and recommendations, the report has also been presented to the Department of Education, the Professional Standards Board, the P-20 Council, and superintendents from throughout the state. Board members will continue to engage in these conversations to strengthen policies that support literacy for our youngest learners.

    Questions about the report or next steps can be directed to Jenna Ahner.

Last Modified on January 7, 2022